35 Undeniable Signs That Mindy Kaling Is Your Spirit Animal

Anyone with a heart and a few brain cells should know that Mindy Kaling is an incredible, respectable, awe-inspiring woman. She’s hilarious, she has self-confidence, she’s worked hard to accomplish her goals, and she’s extremely talented at what she does. She’s also ridiculously relatable, thanks to her honesty in her writing and in her life alongside her willingness to share who she is with the world.

But while we can all objectively accept that Mindy is a bad-ass, how do you know if Mindy should be your celebrity role model? Your imaginary mentor, your spirit guide, your wardrobe inspiration? Simple, just keep an eye out for these 35 signs, which will prove that Mindy’s soul speaks to your soul in a way that cannot be summed up in words, but in gifs and a sense of wholeness.

In honor of Mindy Kaling’s 35th birthday, we’ve rounded up 35 indisputable signs that Mindy Kaling is your spirit animal/person. Yes, a lot of these quotes belong to Mindy Lahiri, but we all know that Lahiri is just the TV gynecologist version of Kaling, deep down. Check out the signs in the gallery below:

Happy Birthday Mindy!

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