Colors of Brazil: Clarins' Summer 2014 Eye Quartet [In Our Makeup Bag]

What It Is: Clarins Summer 2014 Eye Quartet in Colours of Brazil* Why This Should Be in Your Bag: As with all their seasonal collections, Clarins has included a brand new Eye Quartet & Liner Palette in ‘Colours of Brazil’. It features “4 wet and dry eyeshadows with matte, iridescent and satin effects, one electric blue cream-texture eyeliner for an intense gaze”. I really like to look of this palette; neutral shadows are my jam and I definitely sport bright liner in the summertime. I couldn’t wait to take it for a test drive!

How To Use It: The palette comes with a card with two suggested looks, one more daytime and the other much more intense. I decided to actually follow palette instructions for one and tried the daytime look using the bottom right shadow all over the lid and top left in the crease and outer corner, topped off with the blue liner on the upper lashline. CC Rating: A I’m very impressed by the quality of shadows in this palette. All 4 are extremely creamy, soft, and blendable and the colors match exquisitely. I’ve found that lately Clarins’ palettes has one bum shade and the shades to be slightly mismatched, but Colours of Brazil has certainly solved that! Even the orange, which scares away many, looks great on my pale skin when mixed with the other shades in the palette. My biggest issue with the palette is that I wish the blue liner was more intense. When applied it was rather sheer and very hard to build up. The swatch photo is after 5 or 6 swipes and still not opaque, so I imagine it’s probably impossible to make it so. The Clarins Summer 2014 Eye Quartet in Colours of Brazil is a lovely mix of neutrals with a pop of color for summer! It is available from Clarins for $42 CAD/USD. [Need some new makeup but not sure what to buy? Check out Alex’s other beauty reviews here.] * item was provided for review