Kimye Butt Selfies Imagined As The Simpsons' Characters Is Amazeballs

Artist AleXsandro Palombo reimagined Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as The Simpsons characters in the only acceptable way: taking booty selfies. Palombo covers everything from their infamous Vogue cover to baby North West flashing her baby bottom. North, or Nori, just celebrated her first birthday with an elaborate Kidchella “music festival” themed party that cost more than all the money I’ve spent in my entire life probably. I am totally surprised by how long Kimye have been together which has been the two longest years of my life but is much longer than most celebrity couples (who are usually together for the PR) and obviously much longer than Kim’s second marriage. Their union is sure to bring interesting celeb news which we have duly been lacking in. There’s not a better match for the public to watch than two eccentric, attention-seeking millionaires is all I am saying. Palombo isn’t the first artist to use Kim’s image for inspiration. Just this week a Brooklyn artist, Hannah Kunkle, held an exhibit (“The Passion of Kim Kardashian“) where Kim was portrayed as a Christ-like figure and The Virgin Mary.