14 Times Orange Is The New Black Raged Against The Patriarchy

Orange Is The New Black is beloved by critics and fans alike because it did something crazy, unheard of and totally left field: it told the stories of all different kinds women. That’s enough to rile the patriarchy up. How often on TV (or your computer screen) do you see so many women, of all shapes in sizes, colors, religions, sexual orientations, classes, who aren’t wearing designer clothes, who dare to have autonomy and who aren’t overshadowed by their male counterparts? The show is groundbreaking because it decided it was going to given women voices and allow them to speak from their material positions in the world. Turns out, no matter where you come from, as a woman, the patriarchal, dominant culture is probably pretty crappy to you. The show isn’t afraid to explore issues with gender, race, sexism and class or do so with a biting humor. These are just 14 of the many moments OITNB said, “Ain’t nobody got time for that, Patriarchy.”
1. When Piper would not allow anyone to invalidate her feelings because she is a woman with lady parts.

2. When they showed that sometimes a transwoman knows more about female anatomy than those who were assigned female at birth.

3. When Taystee made a stance against the sexualization of children for entertainment.

4. When Piper pointed out that not all Latinos are exactly the same.

5. When Flaca wanted porn with only men because the objectification of female bodies was harmful to women whereas such objectifications of men do not have negative repercussions for the public perception of men as a group.

6. When Piper pointed out that sexual orientation was a spectrum and that no one should be pigeonholed as one thing if that’s not how they feel.

7. Whenever Nichols pointed out the labor force has been rendered almost completely obsolete by computers, thus leaving the working class shit out of look in a society that no longer needs them. 🙁

8. When even Pennsatucky realized that when things have just about always been exclusively controlled by males and the world ain’t all that great.

9. When Taystee would not be reduced to a service role or Black stereotype.

10. When they pointed out our culture’s lack of understanding and sometimes willful ignorance about the female genitalia.

11. When they showed us that some people still think like this and punish others because of it.

12. When they poked fun at the idea of “women leaning in” and their “evil lesbian agenda” to eradicate men.

13. When they showed how prisons create criminals and don’t “reform” them when Taystee literally got arrested again just so she can be in prison because life outside seemed so desperate she wanted to be back home with her “prison family.”

14. When Sophia’s struggle as a transwoman was highlighted because the prison healthcare system just didn’t think her hormones were important enough to provide.

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