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We’re Crazy About Spin Pins: The Ultra-Cheap Bad Hair Day Remedy



We spend so much money trying to get the most beautiful hair possible. Shampoos, conditioners, cuts, coloring sessions, hot tools, styling products – none of these things are cheap.

But for days when that whole wash/condition/blow dry/style song and dance just isn’t going to happen, there’s a super quick, simple and effective solution. And it can be yours for like, $5.

I’m talking about Spin Pins. These perfect little spirals do serious work – apparently they’re as effective as 20 bobby pins. What exactly do they do? They hold your hair in a messy bun, one that actually has staying power. Sure, you could do the whole ‘don’t pull your ponytail through the hair tie for a big messy bun’ thing, but that style just tells the world that you didn’t put much thought into your hair that day. The Spin Pin bun, on the other hand, just looks like a slightly undone ballerina bun. It also seems to hold my hair (which doesn’t have much texture and tends to fall out of hair ties easily) way better than a hair tie does.

The best part about these pins? They are super, super easy to use. You just throw your hair into a ponytail, wind it all around into some semblance of a ballerina bun and screw the Spin Pins in to place. Use one at the top of the bun (approach it diagonally) and another into the bottom – again, diagonally, going from the opposite side. It’s that easy! I swear, these little pins are exactly what the doctor ordered on a bad hair day. I love them. I’m honestly shocked by how well they work because let’s be honest, a lot of drugstore finds don’t really cut it.

You can find Spin Pins at your local grocery or drugstore. Trust me when I say that they are complete lifesavers.

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