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How to Know If He’s Definitely, Seriously Not Interested in You


he's not interested

Ladies, let’s keep it real with each other for a minute. When you have feelings for a guy it muddles up your perception of reality. He strikes up a conversation and you think he’s declared his love for you. He compliments you your outfit and you think he’s asked you to marry him. But really, he’s just a nice guy that can actually form sentences…and you happened to look really nice that day.

Okay, so maybe these examples are a little dramatic, but those butterflies in your stomach when he walks by definitely have you analyzing every interaction you’ve ever had together to find any inkling that he likes you the way you like him (trust me, I’ve been there). And sometimes he doesn’t (I’ve been here, too).

Here’s a little something to help you see the signs that he isn’t interested in you the way you want him to be. We’re praying you and “your guy” are nothing like the ones in the video…but hey, it happens.