8 Date Ideas for the 4th of July That'll Have You Seeing Fireworks

The Founding Fathers had no idea that the day they emancipated the colonies from Britain would be a great day for date. In case you didn’t know either — it is! Nothing says romance more than snuggling up next your beau while watching fireworks after an awesome time together.
Both of you will have the day of work so make use of it by spending some fun quality time with these 8 fourth of July date ideas.
1. Patriotic Movie Marathon
Grab some snacks and ask your best friend for her Netflix password to make a day of watching a bunch of classic American movies like The Patriot (duh!?!), Saving Private Ryan, Captain America, Forest Gump, and The Goonies.
2. Cookout/Campfire For Two
Spark up the grill and grab a case of beer for some chill time with just you and your guy. This can be an all day affair with meal prep, cooking, playing some games and bonding over a good meal.
3. Rooftop Picnic
Have a classic picnic meal of sandwiches, ships and soda on the rooftop of your building. If you stay late enough, you’ll have a great view of some fireworks. You can even string some lights around to create some extra ambiance.
2. Go Swimming
As long as it isn’t raining!
3. Visit A Museum
Museums are fun for dates because they give you something to talk about. Go to cool unconventional places like a wax museum or a contemporary art museum.
6. Late Night Park Picnic
The same idea as the rooftop picnic, just make sure your view of the fireworks isn’t blocked by people’s heads!
7. Meet The Family
Does either one of your families have a 4th of July tradition? That’s a perfect time to introduce your beau to your family and you to his.
8. Go to a Fair/Amusement Park

Towns typically have some kind of parade or fair happening to celebrate the birth of the nation, so hit it up for cheesy all American fun. Or, to not be so cheesy, go to an amusement park for adrenaline pumping roller coasters and a Ferris wheel. Where ever you go, have him win you stuffed animal as a token of the day.

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