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What Does Your Go-To Summer Shoe Say About You?



Okay, do me a favor. Close your eyes and picture your shoe closet. Do you have it? Okay, now wipe that dreamy look off your face and zero in one pair of shoes. This should be the pair that you’ll find yourself reaching for more than anything other pair. Day, night, fancy occasions, casual ones – this is the pair that’ll walk you to everything.

Now what does this pair say about you? The answer is below.


If your go-to shoe is: A pair of gym shoes.

You are: Athletic, obviously. You likely don’t care too much about fashion and you only wear heels if it’s absolutely necessary – like to a wedding, and then you’re that person who takes your shoes off and dances barefoot. On a deeper level, you probably don’t care that much about what people think of you, which is sort of awesome. With that being said, gym shoes aren’t always appropriate footwear. Invest in a great pair of flats – oxford, ballet flats, even slip-on sneakers. They’ll be super comfortable but look a little bit nicer.


If your go-to shoe is: A pair of fashion sneakers.

You are: Basically the trendiest thing ever. You know how to look chic and effortless at the same time. You value comfort but you also like to keep up with style. You might be someone who likes to take the easy way out of things, though. After all, shoes that you can just shove your feet into are the easiest way to go and wearing these all the time might indicate that you like things to be quick and simple.

Women's Classic Flip-Flops - Black/White

If your go-to shoe is: A pair of plain rubber flip flops.

You are: Someone who prides yourself on being laid-back and cool. which is great. You also might be….a touch immature, perhaps? If you’re still wearing Old Navy flip flops all the time, particularly to work or for a night out, it may be time to step it up a little bit. Sure, you can keep these on hand for when you’re heading to the beach or running errands, but you should never be wearing these out to dinner or to a bar or to work (please don’t EVER do this.) Upgrade to some pretty sandals – maybe gladiators or embellished¬†leather sandals.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 11.55.30 AM

If your go-to shoe is: A pair of wedges.

You are: Stylish and girly. Wedges are a great compromise between simple sandals and heels. They subtly dress up any outfit. However, you may come across as calculated or flashy if you’re wearing these all the time. I’d urge you to only wear wedges during the day if you’re super comfortable in them because nothing is worse than a girl who stumbles all over the place.


If your go-to shoe is: A pair of full-on heels

You are: A bit high-maintenance, maybe. You care about looking good and I appreciate that – but wearing heels to like, brunch, is the equivalent of wearing a full face of makeup to the gym: It just looks out of place. Look, I feel you. I’d wear stilettos all day everyday if it were appropriate, but honestly, sometimes it can be fun to break out some out-of-character flats for a change.

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