15 Bookmark-able Websites That Make College SO Much Easier

As a digital girl, I’m always here for websites and apps that make my already-crazy life a little bit easier. If we spend 23 hours out of the day behind a computer and attached to our iPhones, then why NOT take advantage of World Wide Web magic? MTV feels where I’m coming from. They posted a list of 15 essential (and free, #yasss) websites for college students aboard the good ol’ bus of struggle. From food to finances, these sites will have your back until you walk the stage. What are you waiting for? Bookmark, bookmark, bookmark.

1) Ebates – When you shop online, Ebates credits your Paypal account. Getting PAID to shop?! Sign us up.
2) The Struggle Bus – Like a digital stress ball, according to MTV. Vent about a sucky grade or your ratchet roommate…then let the bus work its magic.
3) Music-Map – When you’re inevitably over your iTunes library, Music-Map introduces you to artists similar to your faves.
4) Quizlet – Make your own flashcards!
5) Surfly – Helps you screenshare. Perfect for study sessions…or Netflix nights with your besties back home.
6) Doge Weather – Because the Weather Channel app rests on a bed of lies. A BED OF LIES.
7) Amanda Please – BRB having 90s nostalgia.
8) Zoc Doc – Search for doctors “based on your location and insurance info”…and avoid the long lines in the Student Health Center.
9) Does The Dog Die – Made for movie buffs, this site tells you if – well – the dog dies in some of our favorite flicks.
10) Here Is Today – Like a diary, Here Is Today allows you to track your highs and lows…and provide perspective on those days that just effing suck.
11) Sleepyti.me Bedtime Calculator – “Enter in the time you need to be up by and the calculator uses the science of sleep cycles to tell you the best times to fall asleep so that you wake up feeling refreshed,” MTV says. Easy enough…but actually sticking to a sleep schedule is the hard part.
12) f.lux – Software that adjusts your screen’s brightness according to the day.
14) Random Name Generator – When your fake names for your Intro to Literature assignments suck.
15) The Useless Web – When you feel like you’ve reached the end of the Internet, Useless Web has a directory of time-killing sites that’ll numb your brain in no time.

You’re welcome!

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