The 5 Celebrities Whose Closets I’m Dying To Raid

Celebrities – they’re just like us. But with better clothes/shoes/bags/everything.

Some celebs really rise to challenge of being a style icon, others fall under what I like to ‘Paris Hilton┬ásyndrome’ which is just a fancy way of saying they have bad taste. But for every bandage dress-loving, midriff-flashing fashion disaster, there’s a starlet with effortless class, polish and style who wins my vote every time she steps out of the house. The following ladies totally inspire me to try new things and consistently display clothes that I’d just LOVE to get my paws on. Which celebrity closets would you love to go all Bling Ring on? My picks are below.



She just always, always, always nails it. She never shows too much skin, she never looks like she’s trying too hard and she never, ever looks sloppy. I really have no idea what she does with her time or why she’s famous (other than her stint alongside Whitney Port on The City) but she has proved that she’s more than just a pretty girl with a trust fund – she is somehow who has a seriously keen sense of intuition when it comes to fashion. She has taste for days, she knows her body and she can totally pinpoint the balance between easy and polished.



This girl will try any style once and I admire her for that. Her wardrobe is a healthy mix of high-end and fast fashion and she really seems to enjoy the process of getting dressed. I think she has genuinely good taste and she’s sort of fearless when it comes to fashion. She’s also super petite and knows how to make difficult-to-pull-off looks work really well for her frame. I would seriously love to keep up with Kourtney’s closet.



She just always looks so breezy and….not fussy. What I love about Jessica Alba is that she looks just as amazing when she’s rolling out to the grocery as she does when she’s taking on a red carpet. I mean, yeah, that has a lot to do with her phenomenal genes, but it also shows that she doesn’t have to think about it to much. She can just grab something and make it look great. That’s the product of having an awesome wardrobe and really knowing how to shop for pieces that will always work.


Lea Michele1

What I love about Lea’s style is the fact that she always looks so comfortable. Unlike her character on Glee, she clearly likes to keep things effortless and easy. She never looks trashy or overdone, which is such a welcome change. Even when she wears a plunging necklace on to an awards show, it’s still not over-the-top. In her day-to-day life she wears tons of layers and simple silhouettes, not too tight, not too baggy. She obviously just has a really edited closet and knows how to get creative when putting together outfits.



THE BEST. Omg. I’m not just saying this because The OC is my all-time favorite TV show and she played my favorite character on the show either. She just always looks adorable and casual and put-together. Her outfits and accessories always, always catch my eye. Seriously, I don’t think she ever wears anything I don’t like. She can just do no wrong.

[Lead image via Andrew Toth/Stringer/Getty Images]

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