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Top 10 Hottest Places To Hook Up This Summer



The summer comes with hella free time and one (or a couple…we don’t judge) new love prospects to fool around with during that free time. You’d be a fool to not take advantage of the two and do some serious hooking up while you can. There are the obvious places to hook up, like your couch or your bedroom, but the whole point of hooking up in the summer is to chose a place that’s off limits in the winter because it’s too cold. That narrows it down to basically anywhere outside.

To help you out here’s a list of the top 10 places you’re must hook up at this summer. You’ll already e at most of them, might as well try getting in a quickie.

1. In Water

Every movie with at least  a PG-13 rating has some kind of love scene involving a body of water. Any body of water of water will do— a beach, pool, lake, etc.— and since you’ll  be swimming a lot this summer, this shouldn’t be too hard of a feat.

2. On the Roof/Balcony/Porch


There’s something about hooking up outside that’s exhilarating. Maybe its the risk of getting caught, or the open air…we’re not sure. We are sure that hooking up on a balcony, roof or porch is really fun and romantic.

3. A Car

So first of all, the Carters dropped a movie trailer in the still of the night. Tf.

When you’re in you’re teens and twenties, hooking up is the bets part of having a car— besides driving it of course. Do it in the car or on the car in an empty parking lot, on a trail or even a drive in theater. Hooking up in a car can be quite romantic as well and you’ll think about it every time you take a drive.

4. During a Festival


Up the ante by raising the risk of getting caught in a public place with tons of people like a festival. And truth be told, depending on the type of festival you’re at, either you or the people that catch you will be too high to care. This is a judgement free zone. Carry on.

5. In a Movie Theater


This is a classic hook up spot, so why not revisit 8th grade and get frisky in the back of a movie theater.

6. On a Boat


Motion of the ocean. Rocking the boat. Sea men and semen. There are too many boat references when it come to sex to not hook up on a boat. Act like you’re in a music video as an added bonus.

7. In the Shower

shower sex

In the middle of a disgustingly hot day, hop into a cold shower. Your skin will be extra sensitive because of the water which’ll make everything more intense.

8. In the Woods


You know you’re down for a Hunger Games-esque hook up in the woods! If you aren’t worried about bugs or having scratches from bark on your ass this is actually a pretty cool place due to the scenery and animals.

9. In A Bouncy House

castle bounce house

Yet another source of childhood happiness is being obliterated by promiscuity but this time it’s way less gross and much more exciting. Think about all the extra movement a bouncy house provides. Are you done thinking? Go rent one.

10. On A Plane


While your jetting away to your summer hookup in the plane’s bathroom. Not sure if it’s actually feasible due to the limited space but a quickie is definitely worth a try!

[Lead image via Joshua Resnick/Shutterstock]