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This Is Literally The Only Way To Respond To A D*ck Pic


tyra banks

All the boys will call you the “bee’s knees.” ¬†One genius, heroic, woman did a thing that was so the thing to do . . . After some popular guy prompted this female anti-hero for nudes she served him right. She put her knees in a bra and snapchatted them at an impressive angle. The douche nozzle then proceeded to fap to her knees. People say technology makes kids dumber but I think it is really, truly making us smarter, more empowered individuals. There is power in deception. There is irony in knee-titties.

Step 1. Find A Douche Nozzle Who Will Send You Unwarranted Dick Pics


Step 2. Find A Pair Of Knees And A Boob Cage (Bra)


Step 3. Snappa Ze Chet

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