'Stop The Beauty Madness' Ads Affirm Beauty Comes In Every Package

Robin Rice developed the “Stop The Beauty Madness” campaign, a series of 25 jarring advertisements, to force onlookers to rethink their beauty expectations and how the idea of beauty is sold to women everywhere. The images are powerful and striking. They leave no one out, young, old, thin, fat, all races, disabled, pierced, muscular—we’re all beautiful. No one gets to define your beauty but you and when you are brave enough to proclaim that it makes people uncomfortable.
Rice told The Huffington Post, “My main mission is to say if women are worried about their weight and their looks to the point that they’re not actually putting themselves in the world, then we’re missing out on some really extraordinary individuals and some really important conversations we need to be having. Women need to be helping the world move in a more beautiful direction — a genuinely beautiful direction.”
Preach. How many times in your life have you not done the thing you wanted to do because you didn’t feel confident and how many times did that confidence directly relate to your appearance?
The campaign purposefully uses stock photos to expose how “standardized beauty” is created. “There’s not lot of stock photos of African-American women compared to white women. There’s not a lot of edgy photographs of women. There were countless pictures of women on scales trying to lose weight. That shapes our conversation,” Rice said.


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