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Mariah Carey’s Before And After Photoshop Pics Are Magical


mariah carey before after photoshop

Jezebel acquired unretouched Mariah Carey photos from Wonderland magazine and they are doozy. It’s pretty much public knowledge that Mariah decided a long, long time ago that she was going to use photoshop, retouching and anything at her disposable to look “good” in a photo even if it isn’t what she looks like in real life. Mariah Carey is known to bring her own lighting, because no one else’s will do, anywhere she goes whether that’s to a radio interview or her own listening party.

I  mean this is her album cover and this was her on the subway around the same time. Mariah is a fan of digital altering, which I guess is her personal choice.

Mariah-Carey-Me-I-Am-Maria vs subway

Check out one of the retouched GIFs below and see the rest at Jezebel.


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