5 Summery Ways To Wear A White Blazer

white blazer

A black blazer is pretty much a game changer, especially during the winter. But what happens when summer rolls around and you want a piece that’ll bring a little touch of sophistication to your look?

The answer: you turn to the white blazer, a lighter take on the black jacket that doesn’t seem quite as versatile but totally is. There’s the obvious way to wear one of these but there are also a few unexpected styles that you can create with this key item.

Casual: Look put-together – but not overdressed – by pairing denim shorts and a plain white tee with your blazer. Add some nude sandals – flats if you want to stay extra casual, wedges if you want to dress it up a bit.

Classic: Black skinny jeans, a black tank and a white blazer is s super clean, classic look that you can wear to work, a dinner, a club – anywhere, really. Dress it up a bit with some delicate jewelry and black heels.

Feminine: Pair a colorful A-line dress with a white blazer for a pretty summertime look. This is a great way to dress down the dresses you wear to summer weddings to make them appropriate for other occasions as well.

Flattering: Do you have a dress or a romper that you love but just don’t look amazing in? Try topping it off with your blazer. You’ll get the benefit of the print and color being visible while covering up an imperfect fit.

Colorful: Top off colored jeans and a solid-colored tee with our white blazer – this will pull the whole look together. Add some wedges (maybe nude, maybe another color) to jazz it up a bit. Stay away from jewelry – try this look with red jeans and a blue top and you have a great little Fourth of July look.

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