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6 Types of Guys You’ll Meet During Your Big City Internship


new york city

Calling all city interns!

It seems as though interning over the summer has become more and more popular over the years. Less than five years ago, moving to a big city and landing an internship was something only the most wealthy kids with family or friend connections could do, but today it’s totally different. Now, it’s almost as if every college student is packing their bags, pinching some pennies, and making their way to cities of all kinds over the summer.

Whether you’re in San Francisco, Chicago, Boston or the Big Apple — hopefully by now you have finally settled in to your temporary (and very small) city apartment. Now that you’re used to the city surroundings and you’ve hit the midway point of your internship, you’ve probably been making some friends, going out more often and having some fun. I mean, that’s what a big city is for, right? Going out during the week, staying up all night, and…meeting guys, of course.

Living in a city is great because it offers a very diverse pool of men to get to know, whom all work in different fields. They all enjoy a wide variety of things to do, places to see and girls to hit on.

Sometimes, all of these men can become a little overwhelming, especially if you didn’t grow up in a city to begin with. Do you ever feel like you are having trouble pinpointing exactly who these men are and deciding whether or not you should trust them?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you. Here are the 6 different kinds of men you’ll meet during your big city internship over the summer.

1. The Fellow Inten

During the day: you’ll find the fellow intern dressed in either a suit or a equally work appropriate button-up shirt. He’s ALWAYS wearing a backpack and a pair of headphones.

At night or on the weekend: you’ll find your fellow intern in a collared shirt, khakis, a sport jacket and boat shoes, flocking to the nearest dive bar with their intern buddies, desperate to take a girl home with them. Though some of them would just rather just spend a night out getting drunk off of $1 beers with the guys, who doesn’t like the company of a fellow “intern girl” to bring back to his place (most likely a dorm or his parent’s house,) and spend the night with? Trust us, you’ll know it when you see it.

2. The Aspiring (fill in the blank)

“I’m a part-time model,”  “I’m working on a script right now for an off-broadway play,”  “my band got another gig last night, I think we might get signed soon.” …sound familiar? If so, you have been face to face with an “the aspiring” guy.

During the day: you wont find him in a suit or with a backpack, because chances are, he’s not working. The only “work” he has is his part-time gig that lasts for under five hours a day and it doesn’t pay very well.

At night or on the weekend: you’ll find him at places that are just like him, always “on the verge” of becoming popular, but not quite there yet. But when describes them, he’ll just say they’re VERY exclusive.

If you can get your hands on an an aspiring guy who might actually become something, by all means, have at it. However, if they’ve been in the city for longer than a couple of years or if they have had zero experience, we suggest that you don’t spend more than a night or two with the aspiring guy.

3. The “I’m Going Back to School” Guy

During the day: you’ll find him working

At night on the weekend: he’s probably working..again.

Let’s be real, you probably met this guy when he was waiting tables or serving you and your friends drinks at the bar.

In all seriousness, it is very common to graduate with a degree, land a career and realize six months, I fucking hate my job! In times like these, if someone begins to realize they might want to do something entirely different, they have to go back to school.

This isn’t necessarily a bad only have one life, so why not do what you love or what you’re good, at right? The only thing that’s tough with this kind of guy is that they’ll probably (if they’re smart and independent,) be juggling up to three different part-time jobs at a time, just to pay rent and get themselves through school. Depending on what kind of relationship you are trying to get into, this may not be the best guy to fall for; he’s just too busy!

4. The Married Guy

We’re not going to tell you much about this guy because it should be obvious, but we unfortunately have to include him because you’ll probably run into a few.

All you need to know is that if there’s a guy out at a bar or club with a wedding ring on his finger, run for the hills. You don’t want to be that girl.

5. The “I Just Graduated” Guy

During the day: you’ll find him brunching, boozing, and hanging out with his friends. Most likely dressed nice, but not in work attire (duh.) Their go-to get up is a sport jacket and some colored shorts. Why? Who cares.

At night or on the weekends: See above.

The “I just graduated guy” is a rare type to come by. Though most guys who just graduated college are always “looking” for a job, who wouldn’t enjoy a little time off in a big city right after graduation? This is what’s great about being a SUMMER intern; you’re more likely to run into these kinds of guys. That’s a good thing, because they’re fun, they like to go out, they have a college degree and they’ll probably be successful. All you need to know is how to separate the “I just graduated guy” from “I’m just a lazy piece of shit and I’m not really looking for a job” guy. There’s a big difference.

6. The Gay Guy

During the day: you’ll find him strutting down the city streets, usually looking very clean and put together, dressed head to toe in J.Crew.

At night or on the weekend: he’s out dancing with his best girl friends and gay BFFs.

If there’s any guy you should build a real connection or lasting friendship with, this is the one. Gay guys will always tell you if you look like shit and need to change, and going out with them is a night that’s guaranteed to be full of strong drinks and lots of dancing.

BONUS: The gay guy will help you identify and categorize each and every one of the men above (hot or not, hero or zero). What more could a girl ask for?

[Lead image via cocozero /Shutterstock]