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Carli Bybel Shares The Best Cheap Drugstore Makeup


carli bybel

A lot of women believe that drugstore makeup can just never measure up to the pricey goods you’ll find at the department store or Sephora. I sort of happen to be one of them, honestly. I don’t wear a lot of makeup and I’m someone who would rather splurge on a few good products than buy tons of cheaper ones (this hasn’t always been the case – I used to collect Cover Girl stuff like nobody’s business).

A big part of the reason I would rather shop for makeup at a place like Sephora is that I’m much more inclined to take a product back if I don’t feel like it’s worth its price. With drugstore makeup, I tend to buy it not really knowing if it’ll do its job and then simply forget about it if it doesn’t. That’s why it’s great when you have someone who can vet these products for you and tell you if they’re any good.

Enter Carli Bybel. This girl seems to know her makeup – she definitely wears a ton of it (and I’m not hating at all, I think she’s stunningly gorgeous and the made up look works for her). Carli recently did a video featuring her recent drugstore haul in which she shares her new products and reviews them all (in a Jersey accent, which makes the whole thing that much better).

I thought this video was a great find, and anyone who wants to spend as little cash as possible on some new makeup will probably agree. Watch below for Carli’s thoughts on some of her new cheap makeup finds.

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