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8 Weird Things Girls Do When They Like a Guy



It doesn’t matter what type of woman you are or you claim to be. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic who is always looking for a boyfriend or a “boss ass bitch” who has never needed a man, once you start to like a guy, a lot of your common sense goes right out the window.

It is completely normal to make some minor changes in your everyday routine to adapt to having someone new in your life. However, sometimes when we start to develop feelings for someone else, the changes we make in our lifestyles or even personalities go way beyond minor.

If you or a friend you know has ever caught the love bug and started to do some weird shit, you can probably relate. Even though they do not completely change as a person, there are always some changes that become pretty noticeable when a new man is in a girl’s life. Change is normal…but this list is not.

Here are 8 weird things girls do when they like a guy.

1. Suddenly give a shit about sports

Do you honestly care who won the World Cup, or did you just enjoy the free drinks guys bought you when they were celebrating a big win with their buddies? (I did.) And the Super Bowl…ask any single woman during the Super Bowl who’s playing and they won’t have a clue. Ask a woman who is dating someone and she’ll not only know who’s playing, she’ll just happen to be rooting for the same team he is.

2. Acting helpless when they really aren’t

It’s just the damsel in distress. Even if your father taught you how to change a tire when you were in elementary school, if there’s a sexy guy at the gas station who can help you, you may or may not just have completely forgotten how to do it. I am definitely guilty of asking my hot neighbors for a bottle opener when I had three in my kitchen cabinet.

3. Randomly changing their daily routine for “no reason”

If you have a friend who suddenly wants to take a different route to class (even though you guys always walk the same way), she just wants to see a guy she likes. If she suddenly wants to go to the same fraternity house, restaurant, or bar that you guys usually don’t hang out at over and over again, it’s the same deal.

4. Becomes one of “the guys”

In an attempt to get along with her love interest and all of his friends, a lot of girls will start to hang out with his friend group—all of the time. She’ll start dressing down, going over to his place, and talking about his group of friends they way she used to talk about her own. “OMG, Brian’s best friend is going to be so successful, his dad owns blah, blah, blah..” since when do you give a shit about his best buddy’s life enough to talk about it all of the time? You didn’t even know him a week ago.

5. Pays more attention to personal hygiene OR completely lets herself go

When a girl first starts to like a guy, she cares way more about what she looks like (which is normal). She’ll shave her legs every other day rather than once a week, she’ll wear makeup to class, and she’ll make sure she looks like sex on a stick when she’s planning on seeing him during a night out. Nevertheless, after she is done trying to impress him and they start to get comfortable with each other, she won’t dress up anymore. Her room will become a complete pigsty, because she doesn’t live in it anymore; she’s just using it for storage. She might even continuously wear the same thing over and over again, whether it is dirty or clean, because she’s never home and doesn’t has time to change or shower.

6. Displays an excessive amount of PDA

We’ve all had a friend who looks at couples making out at the bar and says, “Ew, I’d rather die than show that much PDA,” and then a week later she has her tongue down some guy’s throat in front of everyone. When girls like a guy, they want to be with them at all times; and when they’re in public, everyone has to know that they’re together. If that’s not the motivation behind their PDA, then they’re just having a lot of sex. But everyone still has to know it I guess, especially those of us who are “less fortunate” than they are.

7. Disappears when you go out together

One moment, you and your friend are taking shots and singing songs at the bar…the next moment, she’s nowhere to be found. Poof! Like a ghost. Before she started dating someone, your group of friends would go into full panic mode, assuming her drunk ass was dead in a ditch somewhere or jumping to the conclusion that she went home with some creep. But if she has started to like or has been spending some extra time with a guy, you don’t even call her or try to find her. You just assume that she left with him and is late-nighting with his friends at his place. Because she is.

8. Changes her wardrobe

Since when did you decide you can pull off a crop-top and a low-rise mini skirt? Or, why the hell are you wearing a Yankees jersey and a snapback? If she changes her style, it will usually correspond with the guy’s sense of style. If not, she is just wearing his clothes all of the time. We get it, you guys are hooking up, no need to wear his Fraternity t-shirt to class everyday or to bed every night.

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