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Cosmic Candy: Jupiter Moves Into Leo, July 14th – 20th




We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!

This week heralds a change of the guard. Jupiter is moving from Cancer (please hand your favorite crab a security blanket, they have a bad habit of becoming overly attached to good things and may need a distraction) into Leo on Wednesday. Yes Leo, this is good news for you. More on that in a post later this week.

On Wednesday Mercury moves out of its shadow (meaning that the last Mercury retrograde is officially over …. over) so go on with your good plans. You may find that many issues that were especially difficult in the last six weeks (starting May 23rd) have or are on their way to naturally resolving themselves right about now.

On Friday Venus enters Cancer helping the birthday girls and boys feel a little extra loved and adored and be able to accept the love and adoration ( … security blanket anyone?).

On Saturday the sun rounds out the remnants of this spring’s Cardinal Grand Cross by squaring Mars. If there was an issue or a boon from this spring, you could find yourself resolving that issue or reaping even more from that potent combination. But not to paint everything with glitter glue: a sun square Mars aspect is feisty and potentially prickly if not completely possessed with conquering by any means necessary. This will be the last square to Mars in Libra though as it will make its exit from Libra and into Scorpio next week.

The other big move on the celestial chessboard is Saturn in Scorpio stationing Direct on Sunday. This should help many a Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius. It will also help the areas of your chart that Saturn rules.

All in all we are stepping out of one paradigm that has been with us for the better part of the last year and into new terrain. Jupiter in Leo leads the pack. In short, as far as Jupiter is concerned, this next year will fortify a certain aspect of our relationship with our identities, it will enliven our roar and hopefully help us align with our spiritual purpose for incarnating this time around. Identity can be sacred if it’s met with a tremendous amount of ego-deflating humor.

Aries & Aries Rising

If I were you, I’d put on the sexiest tunes, rock the biggest ‘do you can and drench yourself with pretty shiny things like a magpie who found a long lost pirate’s chest of booty. But maybe just in the privacy of your own home. Nah, fuck it. Go for it. Give what you can to every facet of your self expression. Be bold, but leave the obnoxiousness at home. Be brave, but leave the bravado for less sophisticated kids.

As Jupiter, planet of good fortune, enters your Fifth House of daring, devious divas and artful acts of animal attraction, it’s high time you let the kitty, who’s been curled up at your feet, out of the bag.

But this is no vain pursuit.

The act of bringing our whole selves to the table is an entirely spiritual pursuit.

Do you. Do you and so many things will begin to fall into place. Things that have been a struggle. Things that felt illusive. Things that you secretly thought weren’t for you. Things that you were too afraid to ask for. Things you thought were too good for you.

The secret to attracting what you want is to forget about the “me” and remember the “we,” as in you and the universe. Nothing you get in life is for you and you alone. Every gift is meant to be shared with wild abandon. Part of this week may contain a certain amount of strife with a family member, someone at home or someone that feels too close to ignore. This is a momentary passing and you can think of it as a type of initiation into a more magnanimous state of being via Jupiter. Keep your head above the angst.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

Nesting is necessary. Feeling safe is a luxury. Knowing that we are OK can be one of the greatest feats of our lives. Our sense of place in the world is determined by how comfortable we are in our own skin, how home we can be no matter where we are. Capitalism is as blatant as any pursuit of the ego. Nothing we buy can come close to giving us the sense of security that feeling at home in the world can.

You are charged with this mission for the next 12 months: to feel at home. This doesn’t necessarily just happen though. But there is a guest walking up to your door that you might just want to let in. In fact you might want to start straightening up, preparing the guest room for your new arrival.

The thing is this: current astrological transits are not separate from our relationship to the terrain they traverse. You are about to get help working on your issues about feeling secure, safe and sturdied – but it’s only help, the job is still yours to do.

So do it.

Do it with all you’ve got. Get yourself to your own internal home-base. Set up shop. Get comfy. Allow the fractured pieces of your past to to come home too. You can’t escape the work of tending to childhood paradigms. But you have help, so use it. You aren’t an island. You don’t have to figure it all out on your own. Part of this journey is about grappling with your perception, both past and present, of family. Create one to the best of your ability, because you have help.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

Well, what are you waiting for? Write. Write it out, write it down and write it right. Write to save your life. Write what you want from your career but write it in a way that details what you are willing to give to it. Write about what kinds of relationships you want in your life, but write about them in a way that explains to any angel or deity listening why you are so grateful for the opportunity to grow in this way.

Write about all your issues like you are so freaking excited to have the opportunity to live out the solutions you can barely contain it. Write down your desired earned income and then write out all of the inner resources that you already posses in order to make that number a reality.

But let’s back track a moment. This week is bound to give you some pretty good insight about what is holding you back in terms of getting what you know you are worth. Perhaps then, the first thing to do is to write down all your doubts and fears about why you aren’t worth it (whatever “it” is). If you really want to work some magic the next thing that you’ll do is create each fear. Draw it, sculpt it, make a song of it and then dress it up like it’s the most ridiculous, overzealous, overachieving, over the top version of itself possible.

Make fun of your fears.

Air them out. give them back to their maker. Set them free. They’ll most likely come back, but each time you call them out and show them who’s boss they deflate like a beauty queen on a humid NYC summer street.

Show them who’s boss, Boss.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

Ask for it. Own it. Love it.

Make it. Be in right relationship with it. Spend it on education. Spend it on things that help your body and your health. Spend it on travel, especially if it helps your business have a greater reach. Expand it by giving freely of yourself without refusing payment for your efforts. Devaluing yourself is so snore. It doesn’t help anyone, especially you.

Repeat after me: I allow others to see my worth, value my contributions and give me a fair trade for all that I do.

It helps if you can recognize your talents but if you know you don’t, ask a trusted friend to remind you. You don’t have to wait until your ready to be ready. A violet doesn’t refuse to be violet. It doesn’t refuse to be adored. It’s not ambivalent about where it takes root or how much sunshine it drinks up. It just exists.

Commit to your existence.

It’s not a big deal. You’re already here, don’t worry about taking up too much space. The space you take up is yours for the taking. Take it. Own it. Love it. Because when you do you give others the the idea that they could too. And that’s why we are here, or one of the perks of this whacky escapade. If our lives amount to anything it’s never in relationship to the amount we amassed. It’s in direct relationship to the amount of love we inspired. That’s your real worth. That’s your real gold. That’s your real gift to us all and there is nothing wrong with being able to pay your bills and spend a weekend in a beautiful hotel eating chocolate ice cream and hanging out in bed with your lover.

Leo & Leo Rising

Well now. Hey now. Here we go now.

Listen, this is the deal: Jupiter is entering your sign this week and in many, many ways this is good news. However, there are more than enough disgruntled Cancers you could talk to that will tell you there weren’t as many cash and prizes as many an astrological article may have told them there would be. This is in part because Jupiter expands whatever is already there. No planet can assure us that everything is going to turn out roses. But, I can say with a good amount of confidence that there is going to be a hell of a lot of good coming your way this year. It’s a whole lot of a whole lot but nothing is for free. If you aren’t willing to work with this energy you’ll end up like a kid that got loose in a candy store – spun out on too much sugar, crying hysterically on the floor. Too much can be too much. And too much Leo can be a down-right-diva-disaster of epic proportions.

Paws on the ground kitty cats.

What you do want to do is let yourself dream. Big. Let it go wild. Let your wildest dreams dream themselves and take notes as they unfold their fantasies before you. Later this year you are going to be asked to get to work on these visions in a way that you have yet to. Dreams require a great amount of elbow grease in order to be realized.

For now your job is this: remove the doubt or at the very least learn to locate it so that it doesn’t get in your way. Track your inner lion that isn’t afraid to roar and worship that beast like it is your Goddess. Feed your inner untamable, unbridled feral feline daily doses of barbecued ballyhoo and let yourself say the things that you know must be said.

This year can be one that is greatly fortifying, expansive and affirming. If this is true the opposite must be as well, meaning that in the process of expanding your brave, brave heart, you will come up against every reason you ever had not to. We can’t just call something in without facing its misunderstood (some might say evil) twin.

Work both sides and this year is sure to be quite a ride.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

Here’s the thing, you are in a process. It will never be finished. It will never be perfect. It will never be exactly as you want it to be. It will, however, be exactly what you need and the faster you can slip into this mind state the more you’ll be able to feel both a sense of inner expansion and a greater sense of ease.

Yes, ease.

There’s no need to beat yourself up about the silly thing you said to so-and-so (they probably didn’t even catch it) but if you are concerned (of course you are) say something. The more willing you are to take responsibility for your social slips, intimate mishaps and missed love boats, the greater ease you’ll have internally and that is everything. It’s everything because you can actually show up to said relationships in a way that’s not available when you’re bound in regret, guilt or fear of rejection.

In order to cultivate more ease, I suggest that you do everything you can to begin, commit to or expand your spiritual practices. If you spend the next twelve months doing so I can promise you that come the summer of 2015 you’ll be able to open up to the world in ways that right now sound unheard of. The deepest, most profound and simplest way to do this is to cultivate an active state of gratitude. This requires daily meditations on what blessings float your way from moment to moment. And moment to moment is exactly the kind of timing you want to focused on right now.

Libra & Libra Rising

After a year of being able to see, if not experience outright, just how far you are capable of going, you are entering a year that is sure to demonstrate just who in your world is able to help you reach or exceed that goal. Friends are a part of the equation, close friends that feel perhaps more like brothers and sisters as well as colleagues that feel like kin. Look to those that are willing and able to help you and let them.

Even though you are entirely relationship driven, more often than not you feel like you are the one who is in charge of driving it all. You aren’t. Like, at all. You might look back to issues that you have had or do have with siblings that taught you to trust/mistrust/doubt/love/fear/frolic or turn away from others. It’s so much more difficult to move forward when we refuse to acknowledge the past.

It hasn’t been an easy ten months for you and this week’s events might be the perfect articulation of why that has been via a conflict at work or with someone you may have mistakenly given your authority to. What is positive about this situation is that you might have grown so sick of not being able to call it like you see it, that you finally do.

No one can tell you what time to go to bed, how to do your job or what the answer is. Work with others, let them in but keep your authority intact. There are more ways than one to be gracious, sweet and in charge of yourself.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

You deserve this. Like you deserve it, deserve it and after these last few years I am so freakin happy to deliver the good news. The next twelve months brings many boons to your career, public life and reputation due to Jupiter’s transit through Leo and your Tenth House. This year may open up new ways of seeing how you can engage with the world and may offer up the best of all dishes: fortifying faith. But, *disclaimer*: no planet does the work for us and this kind of astrology can be a major boost to the work that we are currently doing (cue Wind Beneath My Wings).

This is bigger picture astrology for the next 12 months which can be entirely useful if we use it. If we sit around and wait for a Santa Claus type Jupiter to shimmy on down our chimney we will be as disgruntled as the Grinch. But, if like Cindy Loohoo we are able to see all that wanders into our living rooms as the gift that it could be, we are on to some transformative tonic.

Don’t wait for Jupiter BE Jupiter.

Ways to be Jupiter: Give more. Refuse envy, know that no two people have the same path so there is no need to even consider another person’s life as a point of comparison. Consider the type of influence you wish to have on the world and what you might need to improve upon in order to make that happen. Be generous with your time, your resources and your admiration: it will come back to you a thousand fold. Refuse to engage in activities and projects that you know you don’t want to do because you’ll be damned if you are going to petter away this kind of blessing. Make work your spiritual practice. Your spiritual practice is your work. Therefor meet everything at its spiritual meaning, not only it’s earthly consequence.

There is more good news coming as Mars, your ruling planet, finally enters your sign next week. So much of the inner turmoil will be calmed. So much of the psychological battery that you may have been enduring from yourself may also be quieted.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

It’s time to do your favorite thing. It’s time to do your favorite thing and do it with all that you have, like a rock-star-rare-talent-overachiever. Your ruling planet is moving into the realm of unforeseen possibility, adventure and the greatest spiritual pursuits imaginable. What this means is that your desire will also be moved in these directions. Questions about how to best use your energy to fulfill your purpose will arise. The desire for greater adventures will as well. How can you use your body and identity to make more meaning? Artists know this: their face, their dress, their movements are all part of their art. Make beauty with your entire being.

Teachers, elders and visionaries will also make frequent pit-stops at your desk. Try not to take yourself so seriously – look up and say hello.

This current of fortune isn’t without its fair share of work, responsibility and the demand or need for change, however. Later this year (though some of you will be finding this true now) there will be a major adjustment coming. If you are doing your internal work early (rock star), you are already feeling this pull and push to shift and grow in new ways. The good news is that you get the buffer of a trine from Jupiter (the most beneficial aspect it can make) giving you a helping hand all year long. It’s kind of like being the teachers pet. You still have to do the work but you know it’s all going to work out because you’re loved.

When we make the entirety of life our lover, all of life feels like it loves us back. There may be bad days, there may be fights and misunderstandings but we can see the larger picture and we are committed to the long-haul. We have faith in the entire process. Allow Jupiter to influence your long-haul vision, your devotion to the greatest romance you’ll ever have (your life) and your ability to see the teachings in even the most difficult of situations.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

I suggest paying special attention to everything that your lovers, exes, close friends and enemies reveal to you this week. There are bound to be some very interesting insights gleaned from these exchanges. Some exchanges may be revelations, some exchanges may be more along the lines of closure, at least in some regard. However, the story is far from over. With Venus in Cancer traveling through your Seventh House of one-to-one relationships for the next month it’s bound to stir up some emotion. This is in part due to the fact that it will oppose Pluto and square Uranus. These are usually times when our capacity for intimacy and all it can bring is tested. The other component is that Mercury in Cancer just broke free of its last retrograde cycle and will also pass through the same terrain and Mercury is the messenger always willing to pass along information regardless of how it may make us feel.

Oh, also the sun in Cancer, also in your Seventh House, will square Mars, the feistiest of planets. That’s a lot of emotion. That’s a lot of action from others that may or may not be helpful or appreciated.

There are other aspects of your chart that lead me to believe that you are actually poised for some extremely important life changes. Something along the lines of being redirected and realigned with your self and your integrity. These moments are deep, they require the fortitude needed to appreciate solitude. It can be difficult to understand what we truly want when we are overly involved in the business of others. Don’t be afraid to stop if you need to. Sometimes slowing all the way down helps us find the fastest track to our healing.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

You are about to go through one of my favorite transits, by far. Jupiter, planet of auspicious awesomeness is traveling through your Seventh House of intimate relationships. Nothing is as good as feeling like we can connect to others in a way that is not only deeply authentic but also altogether entertaining and dare I say, fun.

Fun with the potential for being deeply spiritual in its connection. Fun is fun, but you might want to get more out of this situation than just a good time. Love is always a distinct possibility here but the next twelve months can be about so much more than a Disney fantasy. True love opens us up to pieces of our soul we forgot we wanted to share with others. In fact I advise you to look at all those in front of you with the kind of meditative gaze that is required in any sacred practice. Those across from you are your guides to a deeper connection with your ultimate reason for being here.

Many of the relationships that will be coming into your life for the next 12 months will influence you for years to come if you can let them help you cultivate your faith in intimacy, trust and partnering. In fact these are the very relationships that may just bring you some of the greatest career and financial advancements of the coming years. Think along the lines of creating allies, and strategically building relationships that will help to open you to a greater network of folks – not merely for the sake of yourself but for the betterment of all that you do and all that you work on behalf of.

We are more effective when we are in mutually beneficial partnership. I say that knowing full well that most of you like to work alone. I know you are out there on the edge most times living large and living free. But maybe, just maybe you’ll want to open that brilliant heart of yours for some much needed, mutually beneficial good love and partnership.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

I am going to start a support group for water signs who are mourning the passing of Jupiter from Cancer. I mean, it’s Jupiter so its still good wherever it goes but because it spent the last year in a water sign it was really good for the fishes, crabs and scorpions. But, alas we mustn’t cling to the old (even though ya’ll are so adept at it).

Jupiter, your ruling planet, governs your body and your career and as it ventures from your Fifth House of love affairs and creativity, into your Sixth House of health and service there will be a marked change in your life.

If you have used this past year to become better aquatinted with your inner artist, your loving lover and all of your creative and/or physical progeny then your health will be well bolstered with bounty. If on the other hand you partied like a rockstar and lived large on credit you’ll most likely start to notice the affects on your physical well being right about…

Your sun rules this house meaning that a lot of what Pisces has to do with is understanding the relationship between body, mind and emotions. A good old-fashioned healing crisis can be the fastest (but no the most fun) track to a spiritual awakening. We are physically fragile, strong, resilient and so vulnerable. Perhaps Pisces, with its tendency towards psychic sensitivities understands this the best.

Pay extra attention to your physical needs especially if romance issues or creative projects tend to get a little extra stressed in the next couple of weeks. No need to run yourself ragged. Remember how important sleep is to your overall well-being. Jupiter tends to bring goodness to whatever it touches but more often than not it just amplifies whatever is already there. Amplify self care.

For more information please visit Chani’s personal blog, UntilTheStarsFallFromTheSky, or for personal astrology readings please contact Chani directly at chani [at]

Cosmic muse, mythical translator, inspirational cheerleader, embodied coach, health enthusiast, lover of tea.