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The 15 Most Basic Bitch Movies In History Ranked



Just because you love something doesn’t mean you can’t hate it, just because you hate something doesn’t mean you can’t love it. Ah, the basic bitch movie. The films we clamor over and quote and reblog until the end of time. There’s nothing really special about these films because almost everyone else likes them too but isn’t having universal appeal somewhat special? It’s not that the basic bitch movie is groundbreaking or even realistic, it merely strikes that basic bitch chord in our cerebral cortex or something. No one is above the basic bitch cinema, yet a tiny part of all of us knows that these movies aren’t exactly high art. Some of them aren’t even empowering, most of them are cliche but whenever we’re put in front of one of these basic filmas—we will watch.

These are the 15 most basic bitch movies ranked from least to most basic.

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