7 Ways Makeup Affects Your Love Life

Not sure which lipstick to wear? Choose red. Guys will stare at you for nearly 10 seconds straight. They also aren’t paying any attention to the 30 minutes worth of highlighting and contouring that Kim K has the world obsessed with doing. It wasn’t Kim’s super defined cheekbones that attracted one of the best rappers ever to her…it was her ass. In case you didn’t know.

A little makeup does a girl good, for both her self-esteem and how attractive she is to guys*, but there are very specific things a guy thinks when it comes to what a girl paints her face with. Eyes shadows and bright lips are a win, bronzer and blush not so much. Take a look at these seven facts to see how much makeup affects your love life. It may change your approach to your look.

*Makeup is a personal preference. If it makes you happy then wear it; if you’d rather not, then don’t. Present yourself in however makes you the most comfortable.

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