Decorate Your Small Space With These Affordable (and Adorable!) Finds

Living in a small bedroom, apartment or dorm room can feel super boring (trust me, my dorm was the size of a closet!) sometimes. One trick to kick out the blah for good? Decorate!

The key to decorating a small space is to find objects that won’t take up a lot of room (duh, Danielle!). You also want to find objects that are relatively useful — sure, those little hanging paper lanterns are cute but most of them aren’t very bright! Think small changes — door knobs, lamp shades, etc.

To help you get started, we’ve rounded up some adorable but affordable (and a few just-because-they-were-cute!) finds for you to decorate your small space with!


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1. Rug, $9.99 available at IKEA

2. Yours & Mine over door hooks, $34 available at Urban Outfitters

3. Lamp, $19.99 available at Target

4. Pillow, $19.98 available at Pier 1 Imports

5. Jewelry stand, $32 available at Urban Outfitters

6. Door knobs, $6-$8 available at Anthropologie

7. Sexy Time wall art, $24 available at Nordstrom

8. # wall decor, $3.99 available at Target

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