Rain-Proof Your Look With These 7 Waterproof Products

Picture, if you will, the following scenario. You’re heading out for a lovely night of lemondrops and Pitbull songs played on loop, feeling hot and fabulous because you’re wearing Spanx and a face full of makeup. You walk to the bar because it’s finally nice out/you’re too broke to pay for a cab/you’re trying to burn a few of the calories you’ll inevitably consume when a downpour happens. You run as fast as you can in your five-inch heels, squealing all the way. You make it to the bar and start strutting around, belly sucked in, shoulders pushed back – but NO ONE approaches you. In fact, people sort of seem to be laughing in your face….

You make your way to the bathroom to face your inner self and recite your affirmations (aka look at yourself in the mirror and mutter ‘you’re so hot’ over and over again) when you see it: The mascara running down your face. The smudged liner. The faded lipstick. Yikes.

Want to avoid this scenario? Then you might want to try these products.

[Lead image via Leszek Glasner/Shutterstock]

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