Robert Townsley is Adorably DTF on Tinder (And It’s Not Exactly What You Think)

Two of my friends and I joined a dating app called Plenty of Fish a few months ago just for shits and giggles. What were the results? After two weeks on being on POF one of my friends went on a date — she struck gold because that guy is now her boyfriend — and the other was sent dick videos (not even pictures, actual videos!) by two different guys on two different occasions so she could see their penises in action. I was too creeped out by all the onslaught of messages I got I’ve never received so much male attention in my life — that I eventually stopped logging on.

Robert Townsley joined Tinder, a dating app where a mutual “want to meet you” swipe to the right enables people to message each other and get it on with whomever they see fit, solely because he was DTF. Not the DTF you know from Superbad, but rather he’s down to fun with any of the women with whom he’s matched. He says he will agree to go on any legitimate outing the propose so long as it falls within a few guidelines. Guideline number one: everything has to be completely platonic.

Townley started the social project a few weeks ago for the purpose of doing fun and exciting things with strangers. As he wrote on his blog, he’s always liked “running [his] own social experiments and interacting with strangers as part of an ongoing effort to make people less scared of each other.” Basically, Townley swipes right for everyone on Tinder, and those who do the same for him and message him can then meet up to do whatever random activity the person wants to. So far he’s visited the Cloisters Museum, taught someone to ride a bicycle, is going to learn Korean, has been out dancing and has even simply hung out at a couple of bars.

This is a really awesome way to use a dating app that shows a much sweeter side to random interaction online. Keep up the awesome work Townley! You can follow the experiment on Townley Blog.

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