These Vintage Beauty Tutorials Are Why Everyone Used To Look Perfect

Do you ever go down those Youtube rabbit holes where you’re caught in warp of endless clicks into related videos? When I was watching Josephine Baker clips from Princess Tam Tam I ended up watching a whole bunch of old clips from pre-code Hollywood cinema, which led me to these awesome beauty tutorials from the 1960s, 40s and 30s. I think it’s so easy to forget that the ’30s were ripe with just as much popular culture as there is today and that we can access the past with something as simple as Youtube. It’s one thing to see old photos or read about it but to actually see and hear the way women and beauty was portrayed in the past is fascinating.

These vintage tutorials were guides for women to look as manicured as possible. All we need to see is one episode of Mad Men to know that people used to look so put together all the time. Men wore suits and women wore curlers to bed and that while that is too much maintenance for me to deal with, it is so gorgeous to watch. Props to our mothers for looking impeccable with grace.


1960s Beauty Film

1950s Haircare

1950s Weatherproofed Haircare

1940s Vintage Guide To Glamour

1940s How To Apply Makeup

1930s Makeup And Skincare

1936 Blush Tutorial

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