5 College Classes You Shouldn't Sleep Through

The hardest adjustment to make when transitioning from high school to college is knowing that no one is going to force you to go to or pay attention in class. No one is going to reprimand you or call your mother, no one may even notice that you’re not there. This fact makes it incredibly enticing to get some extra Z’s during class time.
Keeping it 100 with you all, there are classes you can do that through because there is absolutely no reason for you to be there. Sophomore year I got an A in Sociology but couldn’t tell the professor from a hole in the wall. But for others it more than crucial to get there and be aware during lectures and activities. From a introductory classes to Pilates, these five classes are ones you shouldn’t sleep through.
1. 101 Classes
101 classes are the bases of your major. Not only do they give you the strong foundation to being an expert in your field, they’ll also tell you if you like your major or not. There’s no point in becoming a journalist if sitting through Media Writing 101 is like pouring bleach in your eyes.
2.  PE Class

Some schools require you to take PE classes as a graduation requirement. Go to them! Between tons of school work, your job, a social life and an endless supply of ramen noodles, being healthy in college isn’t always the easiest. Why not get in a good workout and get credit for it? From yoga classes to weight training to swimming (which burns a shit load of calories,) there something you can register for so that there’s no need for the excuse that you don’t have time tot take care of yourself.
3. Government
An important part of getting older is becoming an active citizen. That means voting, understanding politics, and understanding how to make the things you want (as small as getting a stop sign at that intersection down the street to as big as fighting for equal marriage rights) happen. Government classes will teach you the ways the government works on a local, national and international level and how what people do and don’t do affects you.
4. U.S. History
The history you were taught in grade school is watered down to the max! In college, professors aren’t worried about exposing you to things because you’re an adult and can handle it. Collegiate U.S. history classes will give you more point of views and a more accurate recount of how things happened. It will change the way to think about this country!  This class will also help you understand the current phase the country is in.
5. Economics
They say money makes the world go round. I say people who know how to control money make the world go round. Managing money is a skill— hell, it should be an Olympic sport— that you’ll need no matter what industry you go into. Learn how money is controlled by government and business, how interest rates work and how to invest. You can be the worst doctor/musician/scientist/whatever you want to be in the world, but if you’re good with money you will always win.

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