Celebrate the Release of LUCY With Our Movie Giveaway!

In honor of Scarlett Johansson starring in LUCY, CollegeCandy has teamed up with Universal Pictures to bring our readers an awesome giveaway.
Writer and director, Luc Besson, goes down in cinematic history for creating some of the toughest, most memorable female action heroes. Now, Besson directs Johansson in LUCY, an action-thriller that  unveils the power, danger, and consequences of  someone using full mental capacity. Today, the average person uses just 10% of their brain. Unlock 22% mental capacity and we would have total resistance to pain.
On July 25th, Scarlett Johansson is LUCY and will be the first human to reach 100% mental capacity. Can mankind handle it? I was sucked into the trailer within the first ten seconds! Be careful not to forget to enter after you watch (maybe enter before to be safe)!

LUCY Movie Prize Pack:

– Unlock your full potential with a $100 Visa gift card
– Plus a LUCY T-Shirt & Hat
Courtesy of Universal Pictures

To enter, comment below with one power you think humans would gain with full mental capacity AND a valid email address. Good luck!

Contest Closed.

For even more news on the LUCY movie visit the official website, like LUCY on Facebookand follow @LucyTheMovie on Twitter!


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