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The Only Fake Eyelash Tutorial You’ll Need


fake eye lashes

Fact: Fake eyelashes make a huge, huge difference. When applied properly, they don’t just give you a dreamy fringe, they emphasize your eyes, making them look wider and more dramatic.

With that being said, they aren’t the easiest things to apply. There’s every chance you’ll grab a pair, struggle with it for half and hour and then eventually give up – or worse, do your best to apply them only to have ’em fall off while you’re trying to get your flirt on with some dude.

Luckily, vlogger Jasmine Janabi made a handy little video that breaks the whole thing down. It’s super simple when you literally just mirror someone else’s motion when trying to apply lashes, so I’d suggest keeping this video up and doing it simultaneously the next time you want big, bold lashes.


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