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5 Perfect First Dates That Guarantee a Second




If you’ve been single long enough, then PDA probably bothers you, cats are your best friend and you wish your life was a romantic comedy. As a single female I’ve fallen in the category of having high expectations for men. Yes I said men, not boys. I’ve observed couples and learned what I want and don’t want in a relationship.

To begin a healthy relationship, it all comes down to the first date. The first date is the first impression and it determines if the relationship is even worth having. I’ve learned going to the movies on the first date is the one of the most awkward experiences you can have — the worry over when he’s going to hold my hand or put his arm around my shoulder. Is he going to try to make a move? What if I end up sitting awkwardly?

Don’t get me wrong, I know many successful couples who had their first date at the movies. If you want to avoid a possible awkward situation, here are five first dates that guarantee a second.

1. A Picnic in a Park

Cliché but who wouldn’t want to sit on a blanket and eat homemade sandwiches with their crush?

2. Go to a coffee shop and try to find a local band playing.

Good coffee and good music? Sounds perfect to me.

3. Go bowling

You’re able to interact with the person and have some fun. So what if you suck? You both can tease each other about it.

4. Make homemade pizza together

You both can show each others cooking skills and if it fails there’s always DiGiorno.

5. Hike up to the Hollywood sign

So you’re into adventures? What’s more adventurous then hiking up to the Hollywood sign and then exploring LA after?

[Lead image via dotshock/Shutterstock]

Andria Garcia is currently living in New York City. @instagram @twitter