Top It Off With One Of These Haute Hats

I hate to break it you, ladies but here’s the truth: Before we know it, temps are going to drop. School’s going to start up again and summer will be nothing more than a hazy, booze-soaked memory.
As a veritable summer enthusiast myself, this totally bums me out….but I try to look on the bright side. And as far as I’m concerned, fall’s only bright side is the fashion. Unless of course you’re a¬†pumpkin spice latte fanatic (I’m not).
When most people think fall, they think tall boots, leather jackets and sumptuous scarves – but there’s another thing I’m pretty stoked about this year, and that thing is this glorious felt hat that’s been waiting patiently in my closet.
Hats are super haute for fall – it isn’t always easy to find an appropriate occasion for one, but when you do, damn you look stylish. Are you excited to channel your inner Rachel Zoe come September? I sure am. I’ve even selected a few fun versions for your perusal.
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