Where Are They Now? The Cast of "Bug Juice"

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHgkTBsXUgY&w=640&h=360] Bug Juice. It doesn’t come in a jar. (Yeah it’s stuck in my head now too.) The first season of Bug Juice was filmed at Camp Waziyatah in Maine in 1997 and aired on the Disney Channel in 1998. I was 10 when I first watched Bug Juice. I never attended camp and so, the romantic notion of camp, propagated by hundreds of films and by Bug Juice, really intrigued me. After Bug Juice, I was so intensely jealous of the entire cast because they got to go to camp and bond over things like getting sick on a camping trip on a mountain and having crushes on boys you’ll only see for four weeks. There are tons of episodes on Youtube, so if you’re in the mood to relive a piece of your childhood, go for it. And be very thankful that your awkward middle school years weren’t recorded and broadcast on Disney. Especially dances, because oh my goodness. But back to business, whatever happened to these kids? Who did they grow up to be? Most of the cast ended up just like us — they went back home, eventually went to college, got jobs, and now live shockingly normal lives. Laguna Beach, Camp Waziyatah was not. I rounded up what I could about a few of my favorite campers and counselors. Rhett Bachner, the resident hot counselor (how many girls reading this had a crush on Rhett? Be honest. I did), went on to become a television producer and director. He has produced multiple TV shows and TV movies, including Shark Tank and The Henry Rollins Show, as well as several Henry Rollins TV specials. Connor Shaw, resident hot camper, lives in upstate New York, and owns a studio company. Jon Adler, the resident sort-of-nerdy kid who thought flirting with girls included tripping them and pushing them over*, is now an actor and director. You can “Like” him on Facebook here! *Sorry, Jon, but I really hope you got over this. Asa Korsen, the adorable little blonde boy, studied sociology in college and is currently married. Cammie Delany, probably my favorite girl camper ever, is one of the most Googled cast members of the first season… but probably the most normal. She attended college and is very good at remaining private. Stephanie Etkin, the love interest of the very adorable Connor, attended Middlebury College and is currently a development coordinator at the Griffin School, a college preparatory school that focuses intensely on the arts. If you’re interested in where other cast members are, or more importantly, which nerdy kids ended up drop dead gorgeous, you can check out this Youtube video that features some very intense internet detective work. What was your favorite season of Bug Juice? Who was your favorite camper?

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