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10 Reasons Why Primark is About To Blow Your Damn Mind



BIG news guys – Primark, the UK’s answer to cheap fast fashion, is heading stateside. By the end of 2015, Boston will be home to a brand spanking new Primark store, ie. the best store EVER if you want to bulk up your wardrobe for next to nothing.

For those of you who don’t know, Primark is pretty big in the UK. It’s a chain of stores that sells the latest trends for absurdly low prices (essentially the cheaper UK version of Forever21) and it’s crazy popular. The store on Oxford Street is packed 24/7. Loads of pieces that cost less than £10 – the equivalent of $20 – sell out within days, only to sell on Ebay for five times the price. Seriously, Primark is a big flipping deal, so it’s REALLY exciting that it’s finally coming to the US. Here are 10 reasons that Primark is going to blow your damn mind.

1. Insanely low prices. I still remember the first time I went into Primark. I literally could not BELIEVE how little the stuff cost. £3 for a shirt? A tenner for a really cute dress? Compared to the usual offerings of Topshop, which, despite being considered pretty expensive in the US, is one of the cheaper options in England, Primark prices are a bloody miracle. You can grab about ten things and still come out having done minimal damage to your bank account. Score.

2. FAST fashion. Primark magically hops onto the biggest trends before other stores know what hit them. It’s weirdly awesome. I remember being befuddled by a pair of watermelon print shorts in Primark a few months ago, but now suddenly everyone’s wearing pineapple patterned skirts and lemon print trousers. Primark always know what’s coming up, trend-wise. That’s why British people affectionately refer to Primark as ‘Primarni’.

3. It’s the best for basics. If you’re looking for a plain cami that no-one’s really going to see, there’s really no need to spend more than $10. Primark will give you that same plain cami for less than $5. Load up your basket with basic tops, cardigans, and leggings.

4. But it’s also amazing for those seasonal trendy pieces. Because of their trend-led focus, Primark is ideal for picking up those pieces that you fall in love with but probably won’t be wearing next year. You get a great emphasis on the cuts and patterns of the moment, but don’t have to worry about paying for lifelong quality.

5. The quality, though, is surprisingly okay. People assume that anything that’s THAT cheap will never last longer than a month. Mysteriously enough, that isn’t always the case with Primark. Sure, the fabric might not feel as luxurious as a super soft Marc Jacobs t-shirt, but it’s very rarely uncomfortable or prone to ripping. Quite a few pieces in my wardrobe are favourites that I picked up from Primark two or three years ago, and they’re still going strong.

6. Adorable pyjamas. Primark is a brand that is full of mysteries. One of these mysteries is why they are so spot on with their pyjama range. Head to the sleepwear section for soft fabrics and really cute animal themed prints. Their onesies are also a guilty pleasure for many.

7. The clothes are actually nice. I feel like there’s always an assumption that any cheap store won’t have cute stuff to offer. Primark is a bit different. You have to hunt a bit, and sometimes there won’t be anything amazing for a few weeks, but if you search just a little bit you WILL find some really lovely clothes. Trust me.

8. The absolutely incredible accessories range. Primark is THE BEST place ever for picking up a statement necklace or a going out bag. Again, because it’s so damn cheap. Primark offers loads of little things to take your outfit to the next level, meaning you can basically raise your fashion game by spending less than $5. So cool.

9. They do homeware, too. I’m not sure how big the first American Primark is going to be, but if they have homeware you NEED to make a visit. So many pretty mugs and pillows and blankets. For college girls attempting up to brighten up their dorm rooms, or 20-somethings trying to decorate their first apartment on the cheap, this place is a goldmine.

10. The sense of achievement. Okay, guys. It’s the end of the list, so here’s where I get honest. Sometimes, Primark is an absolute hell hole. Sometimes it’s crowded, the queues are long, the rails are a mess, and you head into the changing rooms and ask yourself what the f*** the designers were thinking. Occasionally, you will leave Primark angrily shaking your head and swearing to never, ever go back. But you always do. Because when you DO get lucky, when you DO find that amazing thing that everyone keeps complimenting, it feels AMAZING. Because you searched, and you found, and you achieved. And you spent pretty much nothing. One of the top ten feelings in the world is the post-Primark-high.

Primark is Hell and Heaven, rolled into one. It’s the worst place, and the best place. You will curse the day it arrived in your life and beg that it never leaves. Good luck.

Are you excited for Primark to land in the US? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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