Cosmic Candy: New Moon in Leo; July 21st – 27th

We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!
Aries & Aries Rising
You can’t blame Jack for trading in the cow for the magic beans. The fool can become the trickster. In fact the fool must if he is to survive the journey. The problem is that we usually take the first sign of a problem as the end of the story, but generally it’s just the beginning. If we haven’t the courage to compete and conquer the giants, we haven’t the courage to find out what we are made of. It takes a fool to leap in faith and a trickster to survive its fate.
Everything that shows up in our lives demands the most creative response possible if we want to wake up. This Saturday’s new moon can be your gateway into a deeper connection to creative conjuring. Allow yourself the luxury of being lead by luminous lovers. They seem to want to reveal to you a hidden treasure perhaps long lost to your past perceptions of not being enough.
This week your ruling planet, Mars, finally moves into Scorpio were it is able to rely on its instincts once again. This gives you immediate access to your inner resources and helps you understand in greater depth your connections with others. You are more likely to be less confused about your side of the situations you are in with others. You are more likely to dust off your horns and charge with glee. You are more likely to say about the last 10 months, “WTF was that about anyway?” But truth be told, the next few weeks will reveal to you the potential in each of the awkward positions you might have found or put yourself in during the last year. Instead of regretting or denying what went down (especially if you are less than proud of it) in your intimate partnerships, see what it has shifted, moved or relocated in you especially as it pertains to intimacy. Then make a crown outta that glory and wear it with glee.
Taurus & Taurus Rising
Hot damn. It’s getting like that in here. The transitions that have taken place in the past few weeks may have left you running for cover and needing non-stop nuzzling. Let that happen. Let it happen in big ways this week but don’t forget to leave the key under the mat for certain someones.
Let others in. This week the exchanges you have with others aim to pierce the veil of your mind-funk and your bat-shit cray-cray, especially if that involves obsessive Facebook stalking and “showing up” where they just might also. Stop that. Don’t do it, but allow yourself to admit that is where you are. Let them in but also let them go about their business. Steady bull, steady.
This is a time for you to remember how connected you are both to your internal reality and also to your partners of all shapes, sizes and ages. Avert obsessive gazing from one to a relaxed focus on many.
Saturday’s new moon is the perfect time to reconsider the spiritual aspect of your spacecraft. Is there a place in your home that invites you to sit down and connect to the rituals that bring you comfort? Does your living space inspire you to learn, grow, and travel internally? Is your space inviting for others, especially those that you might make meaningful ritual with? Ritual is a way for us to work the otherwise manic machinations into a useful acceptance of forgiveness and letting go.
Whatever helps you expect a little less and be in gratitude a little more will help you tremendously, and that all begins at home. Like deep in the heart, home.
Gemini & Gemini Rising
Passion projects. Super-sonic sensitivity to superb cerebral stimulus. Big ideas make homes in minds filled with gratitude (they are more comfortable there). Gratitude creates the space needed to expand our vision beyond ourselves.
Think big. This is about so much more than just little ol’ you.
Whatever these new ideas are, they need to be personally inspiring. The Great Ideas come from deep within the part of our minds that are aligned with a higher consciousness. This Saturday’s new moon is asking you to open to playing-it-big-vision, not grandiose-if-I-do-this-I-will-be-important vision. These emergent designs are looking for architects of the soul, they want to know that you get it. This new moon is about something beyond you, moving through you. Don’t catch it as much as make space for it to land.
It’s so simple and you have read it a billion times in a million self-help books, but it’s not always easy to put into practice. Or to remember to put into practice. This week may test your faith in finances. It might stretch your ability to see the possibilities of what you really want to do being able to support you. But Saturday’s new moon calls for faith in order to find its way. Let your ideas find their way into your everyday. Live those suckers out loud. This isn’t a leave-your-job-and-go-run-away-to-yoga-camp horoscope. Goodness no. Stay in your life. Root yourself in your work. Apply your self to the daily rhythms that you know add up to a funky beat so you can dance your life-dance to the appropriate soundtrack.
Cancer & Cancer Rising
Sweet baby-Jesus-Goddess! Mars is moving O U T of Libra this Saturday. Mars is moving out of Libra and therefore out of your Fourth House of home, family, parents, ancestors, comfort, security, founding and let’s face it, sanity. Mars in this domain for the last ten months has been anything but helping you feel secure. Externally at least. It has hopefully moved you deeper into understanding the parts of your past that have held you back from fully committing to the terra firma you play footsie with.
But we all need a break from that kind of pondering, don’t we? A break from the pondering and a break in general, as in lucky,babes, lucky. Sometimes it helps to give a grateful sendoff to the rascals that rouse our resentments.
So, all together now with your best Queen Of Everything wave, “Love and light, goodbye Mars in Libra.” Mars will now move into some pretty fun terrain, the Fifth House of sexy-time and Babes In Toyland. Don’t use Waze here, just let yourself feel your way through this jungle for the next month, it will be much more fun than trying to plan it all out.
Saturday’s new moon occurs in your Second House of finances, bountiful booty and your inner solid-gold dancer (the one that knows they’ve got themoves and isn’t even the least bit ashamed to use them.) This is the perfect time to call all those investments that you’ve been meaning to make, call the people that you’ve been meaning to call, the ones that can actually help you make more doing what you already do?
But before I wax too poetic about the coming days ahead we need to go over one very important point: on Sunday night, Venus, planet of Love and connection, currently in Cancer (that’d be you), is about to oppose Pluto, force that finds it fun to destroy everything, in your Seventh House of relationships. It could feel a little apocalyptic. It could feel like you want to throw the whole thing down the garbage disposal and watch it get ground into a million tiny pieces. It could feel like you want to obsess, control, contrive, contort and do everything under the sun but let others be as they are and just do what you need to do.
But that would be such a waste of the new moon in your Second House of mind your business and tend to it. In my estimation anyway.
Leo & Leo Rising
Golden darkness. Luminous voids. Invisible light. Shimmering shadows. Secret silos filled with precious, potential, sanctified seeds. New Moons. Dark moons. Demanding moons that dare us to ground our excitement so that we don’t let wild ambitions petter away their own kernels of concentrated energy.
It would be all too easy to blow smoke up your own ass right now and while that would be a magnificent trick, I’m not sure it would clock any miles on your speedometer. So let’s consider what Saturday’s new moon in Leo is actually about…
New moons are times to plant seeds but when the seeds are planted they are invisible for a certain stretch of the moon’s wanderings. Some seeds sprout automatically, sure, but this is the kind of moon that wants to consider your long-range plans. Part of that is considering what kind of foundation you have under you. What is your house built out of? Can just any old big bad wolf huff and puff and blow you down? If so, we know the answer is not to go squealing about but to get to work, brick by brick.
Lay it down lions. Get groovy with your good ground. Make strategic strides for your (not so) secret plan of world domination because that is the kind of force you have with you for the next year and this new moon is a releasing of that potential. Write down the feelings that you want to live in. Plans are good but how do you want to experience your life everyday and what concrete actions do you need to take in order to help create more of that? Is there a spiritual focus at the core of your life? Why do you do what you do? Do you do it for something bigger than yourself?
Let your inner wildcat take the colored markers to the page, let nothing inhibit your visioning but once you’re done, make sure your Boss Lady is present to help map that magic out, step by step.
Virgo & Virgo Rising
The light within is blinding, but more often than not we don’t even try to see it. Distracted, pulled, pushed, drunkenly driven to consume, we fall prey to the simplest of prompts. Most of us have no idea how deep capitalistic conditioning goes. We could have an entirely different experience of ourselves and the world if we had the strength of mind to separate out from the blathering blare that incessantly comes over the loudspeaker.
It’s not possible to understand our philosophical leanings without taking moments out of life, away from others and into deep introspection. To steady ourselves on our path while living inside of such a sound system. One that spouts misconstrued truths about where to go and how to look while we get there. It is so much more difficult if we are not able to turn within and tune it out. We need to hit the reset button so we can access our own authority. Some people are born with this intact and they move forward, inward and toward truth in great strides. Many of us have to work to get there, though. We struggle against ourselves, against what we know is right and what we know is beckoning to us. We struggle because we know we have to give up the little trinkets of power that the establishment has tricked us into believing are monuments.
They are not. They are cheap replicas of particles of the truth that we come from.
We are so much more than we give ourselves credit for. Creation is so much more than we let ourselves remember. We are born from greatness. We come from sacred, mysterious darkness infused with a luminous luster. We are the product of millions of molecules in creative cooperation. We are miracles walking around unaware of our inheritance. We spend more time worrying about what we don’t have than pondering our potential.
Saturday’s new moon is begging you to remember. It’s begging you to remember in the deepest of ways. It’s begging you to remember without the flashing of lights or the witnessing of the masses. It’s begging you to remember in the quietest of ways. Like the hermit that turns within for guidance, this is between you and that mysterious force that carried you here. Talk to it. Listen to it. Meditate on it. Pray with it, to it, for it and because of it. You are not alone, but you have to give up the idea that you are in order to experience the opposite.
Libra & Libra Rising

Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh, hell yes! Finally, beautiful ones, things can get back to normal. Well, ok, there is no normal, but the force that insisted on messing up your mane and ruffling your perfectly preened feathers is finally moving on. It’s safe to put mascara on again. Finally.
Your sense of self, your boundaries, your desires, the sheer force and power of understanding anger or what happens when your thresholds are crossed has served you well or made a mockery of your motivations. Maybe both. One thing is for sure, there can be definite movement now where there may have only been hap hazed jerky second-guessed steps before.
Many of the issues that you have been up against in your intimate partnerships in the past ten months are also bound to be finding their way to resolve, at least this phase of them. That’s how it goes though with the bigger life lessons, we learn it in rounds, every time we come back we are situated in a slightly different position, with a slightly different point of view. Hopefully one with more perspective.
It’s also time to get your finances in order or watch them line themselves up, but there is a stress this week and next in your career and in being able to harness your potential in this domain. Looks like you are up against some formidable forces. Good thing you’ve got your charm back. Good thing the last ten months have taught you about the value of sticking it out. Good thing the last ten months have fortified your fundamentally fierce inner phenomenal personhood. Good things come in interesting packaging sometimes.
Saturday’s new moon occurs in your Eleventh House of all those who hail the Queen! We need people to prop us up at times. We need to know our tuchas are covered by superior sidekicks and the kindness of our court. Feed the people, don’t let them eat cake. You aren’t above bringing them a sandwich and a cuppa’joe. You aren’t above singing their praises and lifting them up. Get generous and forget fear and scarcity. The more you give to others, especially as you begin projects with them, the more they want to give you back. Give the very best of what you have and give it freely.
Scorpio & Scorpio Rising
We can’t know the journey before we take it. We can’t know the journey before we take it because we are the journey. We are the unfolding road, the winding path and the treasures found along the way.
We can’t know who we will become until we become it. We can’t know until we’ve become it and even then we realize that we never fully arrive. We are always in a state of becoming. We are a process. There is no “getting there,” “getting that,” or “getting it.” We get to see a reflection of ourselves through the many facets of our lives, but it’s only a reflection of a part of who we are. We are always so much more than any accomplishment, title, or totem.
This week you get the gift of a new moon in the area of your life that has to do with seeding potential projects: like fulfilling your destiny and creating opportunities for realizing your potential in the world. This is a highly exuberant moon, a creative concoction of candid cravings. What do you really want to do out there?
This is a time to take big, bold chances. This is a time to watch, read and listen to every great risk taker that has ever inspired you and find that in yourself. This is a time to get sexy with it, like lay it down and have your way with it ‘cause it’s yours for the taking. You are back my friend. I suggest reading Audre Lorde’s Uses Of The Erotic over and over and over again. ‘Cause she’s talking to you.
You are powerful and in that power, dangerous, but only to the parts of self that have given up or want to. Don’t give up. You’ve only just begun.
Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising
With your ruling planet having boldly entered your Ninth House of stand back, kids, I got this one, and a new moon there this Saturday, you are in fine form to find more meaning than you can put in your backpack before you embark on your next journey. That’s how this year rolls out. It’s one adventure after another so pack accordingly.
Pack accordingly. Remember to bring your colonization decoder, your anti-propaganda pills, your coat of arms that hug and hold all that loves you back, your mirror of self-reflection, your wallet filled with willingness and your flask of fun times no matter what sorrows surround.
Great journeys often have simple beginnings but in hindsight we can see that there were great signs signaling significance and evidence of the magnitude of the moment. There are such omens now. This new moon is asking you to reach beyond all barriers, both known and unknown to you. But how to go beyond what we don’t know is holding us in place?
Listen for the inner critics that lurk in the folds of your unconscious. Listen to their lies, their tempting tactful tales of why you can’t, you shan’t and could not do. Listen also to the shoulds and the musts and all the definitives that dare you to cross them. If you do they promise exile, they promise starvation, they promise the fear of loss so great it would crush you under its weight.
But that’s all pomp and circumstance. If we (and specifically you, specifically this year) aren’t trying to bust down the doors that keep us from entering the chambers of our heart, than we are simply taking up too much space. Living small, fearing greatness and forgetting fabulous doesn’t keep you safe. it doesn’t keep you safe and it puts the rest of us in danger. There is one reason to exist on this plane and it’s to get in the game and learn a thing or two.
Your turn.
Capricorn & Capricorn Rising
We don’t have many issues as two-leggeds, yet we suffer greatly from those that we have. Given that one of the main roots of our suffering is believing that we lack something that we can never actually run out of, it’s a tragic comedy we seem to be stuck in. Most of us think we have to take, steal and beat love out of or away from ourselves. And perhaps the worst part is that we are mostly taught to feel justified in doing so. It’s no wonder we have such a difficult time talking about world peace, let alone achieving it. All life is relationship. All blows hurt. All betrayals break something. All crossed boundaries become scars. All we want is to be loved and to love in return. All we need is to remember that we already are love and we are loved in return just for being who we are.
This week unresolved relationship drama may just have a way of biting you in the ass. My suggestion is for you to get out in front of it by dousing your mind with recordings, books and zines that refuse to let you believe anything but how brilliant you are. I’m talking radical self-preservation, self-love on repeat. Whatever works, babes, do it like it’s going out of style. Then do it some more.
Then hang out with the ones you know love you. Especially the trees, the bees (but refrain from snuggling with the sharply dressed Queens, apparently they don’t like it so much) and your besties.
Sometimes it’s best to wrap yourself in love before you tackle the more intimate of details surrounding attachment, self-worth and ability to deal with turbulent times with intimate others. But make no mistake, this is about healing through releasing. Saturday’s new moon burns bright in the darkest of your rooms. But this is a positive purging because as you let the old go you are actively making room for more of you. You are worth protecting. You are worth being seen. You are worth blazing a trail for. You and every other celestial light out there that is like you. It’s easier to let go when we are surrounded in love. Layers and layers and layers of love.
It might be July but it’s time to bundle up.
Aquarius & Aquarius Rising
You are in a very good position right now to understand the nature and the power of your connections. There could be a specific someone helping you to understand, open, polish and cherish your spiritual glow. There could be many offering their assistance in forms ranging from the practical to the poetic. Take it all. Ask for what you need. Offer your hand to them in any and every way that would be mutually beneficial.
This Saturday’s new moon offers a perfect combination of planetary positions that say its time for you to start something new with the someones that are worth starting things with.
The planet that rules your career, and most importantly the ability to live out your life purpose, is returning home to roost. This means that the next month and a bit is infused with a direct line of financing. One that you don’t have to beg, borrow or steal. One that is offered, no strings attached. It’s just the thing that will help you magnetize magnificent mayhem and mighty moments.
That being said, on Sunday, July 20th, Saturn stationed direct. Saturn is your ruling planet. Its movements are meaningful to you. On the days when planets (especially Saturn, especially when it’s our ruling planet) station direct we can feel a little ground down into the ground. Saturn often asks us to pause, consider, contemplate and become conscious.
So while there is movement on the horizon, it’s predicated with a pause. But only fools rush in. Only fools rush in and Saturn scowls at the young and impetuous. Saturn wants to make a Master out of you and for the next year it’s finishing up its once every year tutorial with you in the same domain that Mars just entered. Finding, pursuing and creating a life of purpose is no joke. Good thing you have all that grace poring in from others right now, don’t squander away the kindness of strangers, lovers and benefactors. They are all here to help you in sweeter ways than Saturn would see fit.
I won’t tell if you don’t.
Pisces & Pisces Rising
Time to eat your Wheaties, wonder-kids. Time for a regimen of soul-saturating servings of super-foods for the mind, body and soul. It’s a year of taking your health to the next level which in many ways means telling yourself that you are worth such care. Saturday’s new moon aims to invigorate and enact these actions and make them real.
This is no easy task for a lot of folks. There are too many ways in which only certain bodies are valued while other bodies are seen as disposable. I suggest that you investigate more ancient and culturally relevant modes of healing, prescribing and performing the rituals that will benefit you on every level.
You are worth taking care of. You are worth the most excellent of care. You are the home of many a miracle and you don’t need anyone to tell you what is or isn’t possible given your physical (or any other) capacity. Your bones are brilliant. Your blood is infused with cells of indomitable strength and your hearts beats the rhythms of songs so sacred they can only play within you.
This is an important attitude to cultivate as there could be a romantic snafu or two working its way into your weekend. Keep you communications above board with loved ones and creative partnerships. This isn’t a time to play games, to test or to push the limits, though you may want to. Instead I suggest working on the things that help you expand and break out of your everyday doldrums.
Aren’t you itching for an adventure? By the looks of it you are in need of getting out, like out. Wander, adventure, learn, lead and lean into your truth like it’s the most exciting lover to come your way for many moons.
For more information please visit Chani’s personal blog, UntilTheStarsFallFromTheSky, or for personal astrology readings please contact Chani directly at chani [at]

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