mCouple Lets You Hack Your Partner’s Phone and Access All Their Messages. YAY!



A lot of people were up in arms when they found out that the NSA keeps an eye on the private digital conversations of US citizens in order to track threats to national security. Because who wants strangers snooping in on their late-night drunk sexts?

But apparently it’s okay to play the stalker if the conversations in question belong to your partner and you’re the one doing the digging. mCouple is a new app that lets people tap into text conversations, call logs and contacts, exact GPS locations and Facebook messages from the phones of their significant others (because bitches are crazy and will shank you for talking to their man). And surprise, surprise — the app already has a fan following.

We all know lame ass, insecure couples who don’t trust each other one bit and go through each other’s phones playing “I Spy Some Foul Shit” all day. Well with mCouple, one does not have to fight about handing over a phone. Instead, all a curious mind has to do is touch their screen a few times to download everything their partner says to anyone and track everywhere they go. Basically, this is Drake’s “Trust Issues” in app form.

Granted the person being spied on gives you permission to do so and is notified every time information is taken off their phone, but this is beyond cray. [Editor’s note: According to mCouple’s reviews, users have asked for the ability to secretly download the app onto their partner’s phone without their knowledge. It seems like the creators have incorporated that feature so you can stalk secretly.] You can’t even lie about simple shit like having to spend time with your grandma when in all honesty you just want to lay in bed watching Netflix by yourself as an excuse to not go out. All in the name of deterring cheating!

It’s possible this won’t even keep people from cheating. If there’s a will, there’s a way and if people want to get their rocks off with someone that isn’t their partner, they will send messages on pigeons to get it done.

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