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Want to Find Love In 90 Days? It’s Possible


dating without having sex

A lot of times you’ll hear “Don’t go looking for love. It’ll find you at the right time,” or “Love comes when you least expect it” and a bunch of corny pieces of advice made up by people who are most likely already in love. If you’re like me, you’ve had enough of playing the waiting game and are preparing to bust love’s door down with an axe. Okay, okay, you might not be that eager, but there’s definitely a way for you to be an active pursuant of love instead of lounging around waiting for it to pass you buy.

YourTango talks to Dr. Diana Kirschner about her book Love in 90 Days to find some tips on how to find and attract love. It includes dating three men at a time! Head on over to YourTango to check out all the advice the love doctor has to offer.