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The Best Poolside Workouts to Melt Fat in the Summer Sun [CC’s ShapeU]


I Love My Active Summer

They may not happen all the time, but every here and there we get one of those perfect pool days. I’m talking about those days spent lounging under a cloudless sky, when you can’t help but snap an artsy picture and Instagram it for all to see (hella likes ya’ll). And while you’re at it, you may as well get an amazing workout, too!

It’s easy to spend countless hours poolside just soaking in the sunshine, but when it’s such a glorious day to spend outdoors, why not make it count and get a workout in as well? You’ll still enjoy the awesome weather, but also take advantage of some free time – it’s called multi-tasking people, and it’s done best with a smile and bikini, of course. Plus, here are some amazing benefits that come with utilizing this watery workout:

1. You’ll burn tons of calories! Why do you think Michael Phelps could eat 8,000 calories and still stay fit! Of course, he was training for the Olympics, but with the cardio workout that any swimming routine gives you, you’ll be using a ton of energy!

2. Water naturally adds the element of resistance, so you won’t need to use weights to make moves more challenging! And at the same time, it’s low impact thanks to water’s support of your body weight, so not only will you have better balance, your bones and joints also get to take a break, which is great for a recovery workout!

3. Pool workouts involve multiple muscle groups, so you’ll reap the benefits of a total-body workout! And, most of these muscles are the big guns when it comes to using up energy, so again, you’ll be burning calories throughout the entire routine.

4. You stay cool! In the water, you’re body won’t overheat like it would if you were to workout regularly under the hot sun! This helps with a few things: staying hydrated, not feeling fatigue as quickly as you would otherwise, allowing you to workout in the heat of the day, and avoiding the risk of heat stroke – yikes!

5. You’ll get a great, even tan while doing it! (Sorry, I had to!)

Here’s the workout!

So put down that Parrot Bay cooler and try these fun and simple exercises poolside! Throw on your favorite workout playlist, slide into the pool and get a killer workout!

I'm an AFAA certified fitness instructor and I adore my job. I'm also an undergrad studying neuroscience, and health and wellness. I love kickboxing and running (which might be for the endorphins). I spend way too much time on my hair, drink seltzer with every meal and eat pretty much anything made of chocolate. I love inspirational quotes and I'm a total cornball when it comes to my sense of humor. Contact me: @google+ @website