10 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed For College


phone wallet

You’re starting to pack up your life and make a checklist of things you need in order to make the move into your dorm. You’ve got the standards like Twin XL bedding, under bed storage and a shower caddy, but there are a few other items you’ll want to grab to make your life easier.

Here are our top 10 things you probably didn’t know you needed for college (but really, really do).

A Waterproof Mattress Cover

This will not only protect you from bed bugs (ain’t nobody got time for that!) but from accidents involving gross liquids like vomit, piss (you never know what’ll happen when you’re drunk), or simple things like spilling a cup of juice on the bed. That plastic mattress cover will save your life.

An Extra Cell Phone

I don’t know a single person who didn’t lose or fuck up their phone freshman year. The spare phone doesn’t have to be fancy, it can be a prepaid 2001 Nextel chirp phone with only 30 minutes of talk time, so long as it can make that phone call to mom and dad for a new phone.

Apple Care

I also don’t know a single person who hasn’t fucked up their computer while in college. You never really notice how high dorm beds are…until your Mac falls off of it. Apple Care will have you covered for all four years.

Thumb Drive

Because you’re computer will crash at some point or another (another need for Apple Care), you’ll need to have another way of accessing your documents.  You can use a thumb drive to back up all your docs, so when you’re bouncing around from place to place you can work on them anywhere you want.

A Printer

If you’ve never considered murder before, you will when you have a paper due to your professor’s office in 5 minutes and a med student is printing out her entire 500 page text book in the library. Get your own printer solely for the purpose of not going to jail.

A Laptop Case/Sleeve

Most people bring their computers to class either to take notes on or to get them through the period without falling asleep. If you’re the type who transports your computer daily, you need some type of protection on it. Think about all the things that happen to and in your bag— pens explode, lotion spills, it gets banged against the wall. By the end of the year your computer will be scratched, dented, and stained without a protective cover.

A Shopping Cart

You know those metal push carts old people go to the store with? Yea, you’ll need one of those. There’s nothing worse than carrying a case of water, half gallon of milk, juice (which you will soon find is a luxury,) and whatever other groceries you buy by hand. These carts are also good for laundry.

Ramen Noodles

As cliche as this sounds, there will be days where the thought of cafe food makes you throw up a little in your mouth. A 12 pack of ramen noodles are under $5 at Walmart. You’ll never run out because you’ll never actually want them, you just eat it because you have to. Trust me they come in handy.

A Fan

They told you the dorm had central air. They don’t tell you they turn it off mid-September. Problem is, if you’re in DC or further south it’s still hot! Dorm rooms get a little toasty in general anyway, so be sure you can keep yourself cool.

Phone Case Wallet

You never want to go out with a whole ass purse because: a) you’ll have nowhere to put it and b) its annoying a hell. Get one of those nifty little phone cases that’s also a wallet so you can hold all the important stuff in your pocket. Don’t lose it! That sucks beyond measure.

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