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Taylor Swift Believes True Love Is “Unrequited Love.”


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Taylor Swift believes true love isn’t only the kind that “lasts forever” or is “fully realized,” it can also be unrequited. Love is different for everybody, most certainly, and no love doesn’t have to last forever for it to be real. A shared experience with someone you care about doesn’t suddenly become invalid because you broke up, however, I think love does have to be fully realized to exist.

A fan wrote to T-Swift this adorable little note:


When I first read this I thought this must be a girl in middle school because who cares about someone saying sorry about breakfast or whatever? Then I saw her profile and she looks much older than Tay. Having a crush on someone isn’t the same as loving them. You have to have permission to love someone. Taylor should know, she has stalkers. Observing someone, pining for them, isn’t love, it’s yearning. Yearning, crushing, wanting, that be can fun too and unless you begin to project those feelings on the crushee, it’s totally fine, healthy and a part of life. It can be fun to have a crush on someone and think about them and wonder what it would be like if you were together, but that’s not real love, it’s a fantasy. It’s also a juvenile thing that we as adults should indulge in cautiously, especially in situations like this where the crush in question has a lovely significant other.

Taylor was nice enough to write back:


taylor swift unrequited love

No one can help how they feel and if you want to make someone bae who isn’t that interested that’s a normal part of life. Nevertheless, a crush, at least to me, isn’t true love. To love someone is to know them, to take care for of them, to share a life with them and you can’t do that unless the person lets you into their lives in that particular way, even if you are very close friends. I am sure this chick cares for her bestie but I don’t think it’s quite the same. I can’t help but recall Julia Roberts in My Best Friend’s Wedding who convinces herself that she is in love with her best friend despite him not being romantically interested in her and about to marry the woman he loves—it was messy. I guess, if unrequited love is real love then the reality is: if you love something, you’ve got to set it free.

What do you guys think? Is unrequited love real?

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