31 Things to Do With a Day Off (That Don't Require Money)

Since you were a little kid with a piggy bank, you’ve probably been tucking away spare change for a rainy day. When you were six, your rainy day probably looked like a new pack of stick-on earrings or a Malibu Barbie.
Now that you’re grown up, however, your spare change goes toward big-girl things like student loans and living expenses. Because your entertainment budget often swings into “dangerously modest” territory (sounds better than “straight up poor”), it’s always good to find ways you can let loose that don’t require your last $20.
This weekend grab a couple friends and challenge yourselves to go an entire day without dropping a dime. Here are a few ideas to get you started…
1. Dare yourself to upload a YouTube beauty tutorial, lip dub, rant — anything goes
2. Start the novel you always said you’d write
3. Call your parents!
4. Print out inspirational quotes and hang them around your room
5. Ask the boys down the hall if you can have a guys vs. girls video game sesh
6. Make a scrapbook
7. Host a clothing swap
8. Check your town’s website for any free events
9. Rewrite your resume
10. Download new podcasts to listen to
11. Go for a walk/run through a new part of town
12. Put the moves on someone
13. Throw a middle school style slumber party where everyone brings their favorite lotions and nail polishes for a dorm room spa
14. Hit up a theater group performance — these are usually free with a student ID
15. Make a themed playlist to share with your friends
16. Visit the career center. You’ve always known it’s there, but have you actually used it?
17. Go home with a friend — you’ll get to visit a possibly new town and indulge in some home cooking!
18. Toss all that old makeup you don’t use anymore
19, Restyle an old t-shirt
20. Use your parents’ HBO GO log-in to marathon a show you haven’t seen before.
21. Untag unprofessional photos from Facebook
22. Visit the student union to see how many free t-shirts, pens and granola bars you can swipe from groups who have tables set up
23. Start a blog!
24. Find out which museums and zoos in your area offer free admission for students
25. Practice origami
26. Have an smartphone photoshoot with your friends
27. Learn a new language (There are so many YouTube videos that can help you!)
28. See how many push-ups you can do
29. Grab some chalk and throw a hop-scotch tournament.
30. Pencil in time to call your friends from home and have a nice long phone convo to catch up
31. “Rent” a DVD you’ve never seen from someone on your floor
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