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Why I’m Still Using Tinder



I have a love-hate relationship with Tinder.

Tinder is extremely low pressure. It’s the opposite of OkCupid, where you go because you’re genuinely interested in finding someone with whom you’re compatible, only to find that half the guys on there are fedora-wearing douche bags who don’t even bother to pretend they read your profile. On OKC, you upload your best photos and spend time answering questions about whether or not you’ll maybe want children one day, because that’s supposed to be a primary indicator of whether or not you’ll have a good first date with someone you meet on the site. OkCupid is filled with trolls because it’s free, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t folks on there serious about finding people to meet offline. Sooner or later, though, you might find yourself on apps like Tinder because, well, it’s just easier.

With Tinder, it’s pretty straight forward. We all get to be openly shallow, X-ing or heart-ing the profiles of people we’re physically attracted to and then anxiously (read: sarcasm) wait to see if we’ve been matched with them. You may even chat with some of your matches, but more often than not, it’s nothing more than an ego boost to find out that people you find attractive think you’re hot, too.

Tinder is also free, which is always a plus. Thankfully I haven’t lost enough hope in the old fashion way of meeting people just yet, so paying for a dating site is out of the question. Also, most people using the app are in college, so it’s a great way to find people in your college town who don’t go to your school. And although it has become known as a hook-up site, it doesn’t have to be that for you — unless that’s how you get down.

For every couple dozen matches or so, I sometimes exchange numbers with a guy who has potential to be future bae. But, each time thus far, I’ve been left deleting another phone contact and flipping through more potential matches.

I don’t have high hopes for Tinder, which is probably the best way to use the app. I enjoy scrolling through the seemingly endless catalog of guys. It’s fun. But as a wise person once said, you’ll find love when you stop looking for it. Tinder is a fun way to kill time when you’re bored and not looking for love. It’s low risk and requires practically no effort. Plus, you might actually find someone worth matching with in person when you least expect it.

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