16 Things to Add to Your Bucket List if You’re Half Way Through College

It didn’t really hit me that I was halfway done with my undergrad years and that much closer to being a real adult until two months into summer break this year.

When finals ended, I did a celebratory toss in the air of all my notes and syllabi, then headed down to Myrtle Beach with friends to further celebrate the end of a very long year. I watched several friends graduate, said tearful goodbyes to those who would be going abroad in the fall, then headed into my internship for the summer.

The reality of going into the “real world” is slowly creeping up on me. I’ve been reflecting on my first two years of school: the classes that kicked my ass, the awesome jobs I’ve had, the parties, the heartbreak, and more.

There is no other experience as unique as college. You’re at the perfect age to take risks and explore the world before you before the real adult responsibilities kick it. This bucket list is for those of us who’ve got a few years left of the best times of our lives before we’re thrown into the real world.

1. Study in a foreign country

2. Go to class tipsy

3. Ask a freshmen for meal swipes

4. Join student government

5. Apply for an internship in your dream career field

6. Go to all the homecoming events

7. Volunteer

8. Learn to budget your money

9. Go to senior night at a local bar

10. Befriend a townie

11. Take an introductory language course in anything but Spanish

12. Get your (damn) driver’s license

13. Hookup with your crush

14. Dye your hair some unnatural color

15. Take a spring break trip to Miami

16. Do the (potentially illegal) campus tradition everyone talked about during freshmen orientation

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