Live the Lavish Life with Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish

When the PR team for Trust Fund Beauty reached out to me, I was immediately excited. I’m a sucker for a beauty brand that is marketed in a really specific way and it really doesn’t get any cheekier than this line of polishes. They take on the bitchy rich girl persona and they do it well. Sure, Trust Fund makes a really great selection of fun nail colors, but for me the best thing about them is the fact that they have fabulously bitchy names like Do You Know Who My Father Is?, Career Socialite and Is He Rich? I mean, talk about figuring out a distinct brand image and sticking to it.

I chose to try out “Lavish Life,” a ‘dusty pink’ and “I’m Kind Of A Big Deal,” a ‘nude peach.’ Why? Because really, you can never have too many shades of soft pink polish and I’ve been on the hunt for my perfect shade of nude polish for a while now.

So how did the polishes themselves stack up? Let’s discuss.

Application: A flexible brush means you won’t have any of that annoying thing where the brush drags across the bed of your nail, leaving the polish all streaky. However, the polish on these babies was almost too smooth. I found it a bit runny and uneven – in short, it’s not easy to give yourself a really perfect manicure with this stuff. Ultimately, I think if the formula were a bit thicker it would be easier to apply. Another con I noticed was the dry time – this formula seems to take longer to fully dry and solidify than some others, meaning you need to be a little bit careful with your hands after painting. I always struggle with this because I have no patience. One coat is definitely not enough; you’ll definitely need two for solid coverage, which sort of comes with the territory when you’re using a lighter shade.

Color: I used “Lavish Life,” the pink shade on my nails first. As for the color…LOVE. It’s such a gorgeous shade of pink, not too light or too dark. I just feel like it would look good on everyone. Super pretty, feminine, wearable spring/summer shade.

I tried my other color, “I’m Kind Of A Big Deal,” next. I’ll admit that when I opened this color I was a bit confused. It looked so completely different than it did online, I almost thought they sent me the wrong color. I even Instagrammed a photo of my colors, which you can see here…

Obviously the colors on Instagram photos get a bit distorted, but this picture give you a little sense of how the color looked when I first opened it, which is not much like it looked online. With that being said, the shade was much, much more faithful to the website when I actually applied it, though still lighter than I expected. This is a really pretty, pale nude that would look fab on a girl with fair skin and a pink-toned complexion. Ultimately it didn’t work as a perfect nude on me but I’m still a fan of the color and will definitely wear it as a pastel shade. I think it’ll be really pretty paired wit a gold metallic accent nail.

Longevity: Not bad at all. I got a full week with very little chipping from the pink shade. The nude is on my nails right now and I imagine it will wear similarly.

Overall: I like this line of polishes. I had some issues with application but honestly, I’m not one of those girls who can give herself a perfect manicure every time. The colors are pretty and the selection is great. The packaging is super cute and the bottles are easy to store. The names totally win me over. The 5-free formula is a definite plus. The brand offers monthly polish plans and sells sample trios of popular shades, a definite plus.  The price ($15) could be better, but what do you expect from a brand that’s all about dat ‘lavish life?’

[Lead image via One Small Blonde. Check out her blog for more fashion and beauty inspiration!]

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