The Virgin Diaries: Hester Prynne Has Nothing On This

Walking around as a recognized virgin in 2014 is like walking around 1640 Puritan Boston with a red A on your chest. I feel Hester Prynne’s pain. The entire town thought she was a Jezebel. Half the people that know I’m a virgin think I’m mental because that’s the only way they can rationalize not having had a dude between my legs yet. Sometimes I don’t know which one is worse: being ignored or being patronized.
Imagine the looks people give me when I tell them that at 21 years of life I’ve never been close to having sex. How am I supposed to feel when nine times out of ten their reaction to why I’m a virgin are like this:

And just like the A Hester bore on her chest, a red V is carved right into my forehead, screaming at everyone who knows of my saintly status. Needles to say, it has a lot of potential to affect how people (who, might I add, have no interest in sleeping with me) interact with me. People never forget and will never let you forget either.
The guys that don’t see you as a conquest avoid you like a plague because they think you’re going to get too attached (plus, if they don’t think you’re down for the get down, they’d rather not be bothered) and girls are the most condescending little fuckers in the world.
“That’s so cute,” they say.
“What’s wrong? Are you scared?” they ask.
“Wow, you don’t act like one!” they exclaim.
I really would be rich if a dollar showed up in my bank account every time someone said some wild, side-eye deserving shit to me in regards to my virginity.
Hester, gurl, one day over the rainbow, these people will stop throwing our life decisions in our face. Until then, mums the word…well, at least for me.

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