Orlando Bloom Throws Punch At Justin Bieber, Crowd Cheers, History Is Made

Violence is not the answer, kiddos but it’s not hard to fathom how Justin Bieber might provoke someone into wanting to punch him. He is a little shit. We know it and we can only hope it’s a phase and not drug-related. Orland Bloom and Justin Bieber were at a Cipriani in Ibiza, Spain this morning. Justin allegedly said  something shady to Orlando about Miranda Kerr, Orlando’s ex-girlfriend. Bieber then said, “What’s up, Bitch?” Because, ugh, he is one of those guys.
Orlando threw a punch but was blocked by Justin’s bodyguard.
[protected-iframe id=”87e29622d86cb9a223ed21c3b01f825a-860993-28460213″ info=”http://www.vgtv.no/embed/?id=85655″ width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″]
The crowd cheered, applauded, threw roses, it was quite the scene. If you’re not convinced Justin isn’t a total asshole guess what he did after the fight? No, guess. He posted a picture of Miranda Kerr on his Instagram then deleted it. What a snot-nosed little—*shakes fist*.

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