8 Reasons Why Hilary Duff Is The Greatest Child Star Of Our Time

Hilary Duff is making a comeback this year. Last week she dropped her new single, “Chasing The Sun,” and soon she’ll be starring along side Sutton Foster in a new dramedy Younger. Hilary Duff is one the few basic bitches we love. She seems like a genuinely sweet person who has an equally sweet life. There isn’t anything pretentious about Hilary. She’s a total goody-two-shoes but not because she thinks she is morally superior or is obsessed with being perfect (cough Taylor Swift cough Beyonce). She’s stylish without seeming materialistic. She has maintained fame without being attention-seeking. Hilary is an all-around good time. She literally hurts no one with her existence. All she does is make the music she likes, hangs with her son, takes the roles she likes, chillaxes—she’s got that quintessential Duff stuff.
These are the 8 reasons why we were glad to grow up with Hilary and watch her grow up too.

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