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The 16 Worst Things About Having Sex At Your Parents’ House



The thrill of having sex in risky places like the car, the bathroom of a bar, or outside on the back porch is a fun way to spice up your sex life. However, there are some places that, although the risk of getting caught there makes your toes tingle, aren’t sexy or fun at all. In fact, there’s really only one place like that…your parents’ house.

There are few things more embarrassing than your mom finding you ass up in a broom closet. Thus, being acutely aware of the proximity of the nearest soul becomes eye-bulging, ear pricking paranoia resulting in looking more like Beetlejuice than a hot babe. That’s only one of the horrible things about doing it at your parents’ place. Check out this article on YourTango for the other 15.

In a nutshell, screwing at your parents’ house is a bad idea. Stay far, far away from it!