5 Time Saving Beauty Cheats We Love

We’ve all been there — rushing out the door with almost no time to throw on a face. But whether you’re running to class, to a date or out the door for a night of partying, there are a few simple tricks we love — and they totally save time and help you look as though you had hours to primp.
1. Skipping the eyeshadow brush: When you want that really perfect, gorgeous shadowed eye, you want to grab a shadow brush and apply your color with care. When you’re in a pinch, though, ain’t nobody got time for that. Instead, simply drag your finger through the product and smear it on your lids. It’ll give you a sexy, smudgy look that takes seconds.
2. Grabbing some baby powder: No time to wash those greasy strands? Don’t stress! Dry shampoo is an obvious answer to this problem but if you don’t have any on hand, a little bit of baby powder sprinkled into your roots works just as well, if not better. A super quick alternative to a process that takes a long time.
3. Pinch your own cheeks: If you ran out of time and didn’t get to apply blush, there’s a completely natural way to bring some color to your cheeks. Simply take your fingers and pinch the apples of your cheeks, bringing the blood flow directly to them. This is a great little tip to employ when you’re heading into a date with little time to spare.
4. Choose a low-maintenace lip color: Certain lip colors, while gorgeous, are just a lot of work. A strong matte red, for example, needs to be applied slowly and carefully. But choosing a simple shade – a nude, a tint or a glow – makes slicking something on your lips so quick and easy. You can even do this on the go, no mirror required.
5. Grab some rollers: No time to break out the curling iron? You can still get big, beautiful curls in a limited time frame. Use some hot rollers – just throw them in, get to work on your makeup and take them out. This obviously won’t work if you only have a few minutes to primp but it since you don’t need to work on them constantly, its easy to get over stuff done while your rollers do their thing.
[Lead image via Masson/Shutterstock]

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