The New Celebrity Selfie Trend? Back Selfies.

It typically happens in nature. When there’s a beautiful beach, ocean or landscape. A wild celebutante enters just on the horizon. They beckon over one of their “people.” The celebutante says, “No. I want it to look arsty. Let’s do something different.” Alas, the back selfie is born. If “no makeup selfies” and “butt selfies” weren’t enough, celebrities want you to look at the back of them now. It’s like you get to imagine what it’s like to be Miley Cyrus were her boobs out, staring at the dessert. Feel the sun on your nips, bruh. You get to see things from the celeb’s perspective and then get really jealous that you aren’t Beyonce looking fierce on the beach or Hilary Duff in cute bunny ears.
The back selfie isn’t hard to replicate and actually isn’t bad look if you can get your shadows on point. What do you think? Have you ever taken a back selfie?

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