The Only 5 Items You'll Need To Professionalize Your Closet For That First Job

Please, do not make the mistake of thinking your work clothing has to be bland. Do not turn up to your first job in a black pants suit with a white button down unless they specifically ask you to. Lord, personal style is essential to maintaining your sanity in the workforce. Work clothes can be like wearing a school uniform but they most certainly don’t have to be. It’s better to look stylish, refined and put together than like you could be a waiter or hostess. It’s easy to believe that entering the professional world means you have to do a complete 180 and buy a new (expensive) wardrobe.
When you first get your job or internship ask if there is a dress code. If there is look at how the people closest to your age dress because they probably have lower level positions and in certain fields a specific kind of dress is reserved for a specific level of duty. Most offices aren’t especially strict even if they are business casual and although it may seem like you have nothing to wear you most definitely do. How could you not? You look cute all the time, duh. Transitioning your current wardrobe only requires adding additional pieces.
Here are a few protips.
1. You have a lot of cute tops as it is. You most likely don’t need to buy new ones. Unless t-shirts are strictly banned you can probably get away with those too. When in doubt tuck it in and pop a blazer over it. If it’s silk then it is of the ilk. If it is see-through, you’re at work not looking for a boo.
2. You probably have a lot of cute dresses too. Unfortunately anything backless could be deemed inappropriate. Here’s where your blazer and cardigan come in handy too. Typically any dress with long sleeves will do. Don’t be afraid of patterns but be cautious of sequins and bodycons.
3. Don’t fear color, patterns and prints unless you already do. Everyone’s style is different and you shouldn’t feel pressured to wear a dress, a rainbow or an earth-toned, bland mayonnaise ensemble form hell. This is still all about you. Work is for the rest of your life!
Have fun and play around. These additional pieces will spruce up what you’ve already got.

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