13 Rookie Mistakes That All Women Make

As the years go by, there are lessons you learn and things you perfect when it comes to being a woman. Problem is those lessons never stick, and you spend a good portion of your life relearning them. The things you should have figured out in your teenage years — like a clever ways to hide your tampons, that your thighs rub entirely too much to wear a dress or skirt without biker shorts, and that your body does really strange things leading up to and on your period — are the things you will constantly have to remind yourself as a young woman. You will continuously chafe your thighs trying to look cute in a mini skirt, drop your personal items all over the place and eat a bunch of carbs and wonder why it feels like a bulldozer is rolling through your vagina during your cycle.

BuzzFeed is calling us out! It’s time to get it together and stop making these 13 rookie mistakes.

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